2018 Member Snap shots

  • Snap_shot-dec2018

    Josephine Chang Pallotto

    December 2018

    Walk for a cause, prompted by love

    Oral cancer will strike almost 50,000 this year, according to the Oral Cancer Foundation, killing about 9,750, which means about one person an hour, 24 h...Read More

  • Snap_shot-Drucker

    Scott Drucker

    September/October 2018

    Young dentist debunks stereotyping

    There is an axiom lately that younger dentists just don’t have the same drive or entrepreneurial spirit once identified as a hallmark of the profe...Read More

  • Snap_shot-romo

    Gene Romo

    July/August 2018

    Before becoming Dr. Romo, he was Gino ‘Rockin’ Romo

    While Genaro Romo was attending the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry, he led a double life.

    D...Read More

  • udelson-500x350

    Jerry Udelson

    May/June 2018

    Jerry Udelson a dentist for all seasons

    Quick, what do golf, glassblowing and motorcycle riding have in common?

    If you’re left scratching your head trying to figure that out,...Read More

  • barrows-500x350

    Michael Barrows

    March/April 2018

    Thank you, Michael Barrows

    There was a time when Michael Barrows just didn’t feel much pride about serving in the army during the Vietnam War era. The CDS member completed two years ...Read More

  • snap_shot-kolar

    Larry Kolar

    January/February 2018

    Lord of the Snacks: Larry Kolar is a band booster extraordinaire

    High school band boosters are special parents.

    Some do only the minimum, showing up once a year to hand out bottle...Read More