CDS Foundation News

CDS Foundation endowment announced

The Chicago Dental Society (CDS) is pleased to announce that it has established an endowment fund with the Chicago Dental Society Foundation (CDSF), the philanthropic and independent arm of the organization.

The endowment originally created in the summer of 2019 and prior to the COVID-19 pandemic was implemented per agreement between the two entities in 2020.

This endowment will support the long-term sustainability of the CDS Foundation and further its efforts to improve oral health through access to dental care at its CDS Foundation Dental Clinic in Wheaton.

The fund will be invested and managed by the CDS Foundation, and the principal will remain as a permanent investment with the interest and investment earnings providing annual income support to its operations and program needs.

Mars Wrigley Foundation Grants announced

  • Dr. Lisa M. Beaudette-Nguyen for the Medical and Dental Integration Project at the AHS Family Health Center, Chicago
  • Dr. Spencer Bloom for Dental Access Days program for the Veterans of Lake County and the Wings Program in Northwest Cook County
  • Dr. Judy Fan-Hsu for the Reaching Chicago’s Vulnerables from South and Westside programs throughout the South and Westside communities of Chicago
  • Dr. Eric G Jackson for the Little Youth Dental Health Expo for the Metropolitan Family Services of DuPage County
  • Dr. Ashley Kauffman for the Misericordia Donovan Dental Clinic in Chicago
  • Dr. Joseph Lepkowski for the Spread the Health program at Mayslake Village in Oak Park
  • Dr. Berenice Lopez for the Dental Services Support program at Pillars Community Health in LaGrange
  • Dr. Joanne Oppenheim for the Senator Iris Martinez Annual Family Wellness Fair in the city of Chicago
  • Dr. Illie Pavel for the Special Olympics Special Smile program in Chicago
  • Dr. Alejandra Valencia for the Ask a Dentist Day program of the Oral Health Forum at the Southside Chicago Community Centers for Older Adults
  • Dr. George R. Zehak for the Heal Elgin Project in Elgin


CDS Foundation Dental Clinic issues urgent call for volunteers


As a member of the Chicago Dental Society, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in someone’s life by volunteering a few hours at the CDS Foundation Clinic in Wheaton.

The COVID-19 pandemic has most profoundly affected the most vulnerable in our community, and they need our help.

Due to the stay-at-home order, our clinic was closed from mid-March to June 1. To stay safe, our patient visits had to be postponed.

Now that we have reopened, there is more demand than ever for our services as postponed patients return. Added to that are the new patients looking to us for help because they lost their jobs or even their homes during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • We know you’re busy reopening your dental practice, so we make it as easy as possible to volunteer.
  • We follow Illinois State Dental Society (ISDS) safety guidelines and provide appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) so that volunteers and patients feel safe at the clinic.
  • Choose your own schedule. Volunteer for one morning or afternoon per year, or once a month; whatever works for you. We won’t bother you with incessant calls and emails.
  • Volunteers focus on dentistry while working at the clinic because our staff pre-screens patients and schedules appointments in advance.
  • Our chairside assistant enables volunteer dentists to walk in, practice dentistry and feel good about the care they have delivered.

Our volunteer dentists, hygienists and assistants alleviate pain and restore oral health through exams, prophylaxis, intraoral and panoramic X-rays, basic restorations and carefully evaluated extractions. In some cases, volunteer oral surgeons and other specialists are called upon to provide more extensive treatment.

With so many people in need in our community right now, we encourage you to use your professional skills and talents to make a difference. Imagine how many smiles we could heal and lives we could change if every member volunteered just one day a year!

For more information, visit Volunteer at CDS Foundation Clinic. To volunteer, call the clinic at 630.260.8530, or email [email protected].