Safco Dental Supply

The Chicago Dental Society is pleased to introduce Safco Dental Supply as its preferred product distributor for dental products and supplies.

Our newest Member Advantage partner is a Chicago-based company well-known to customer dentists in the U.S. for the last 75 years.

Safco strives to provide the products, supplies and equipment needed by general practice dentists as well as all dental specialists, including endodontists, pediatrics, orthodontics, oral surgeons and periodontists. The company partners with top brands – 3M, Dentsply, Kerr, Premier, Hu-Friedy and many more - and also sells 1,600 high-quality Safco Brand products.

CDS members who enroll with Safco can take advantage of loyalty benefits, ordering efficiency, and support from dedicated account representatives. Substantial ordering savings are available through specially negotiated volume discounts, available only to CDS members.

$150 Value – Sign on bonus! A $150 Safco savings credit will be awarded upon achieving specified thresholds within the initial 3 months of joining Safco. The bonus will be distributed as three $50 credits, granted when a member places an order.

Sign up with Safco Dental Supply

Safco has committed to providing the following value to enrolled CDS members:

  • 10% off list price for national brand products
  • 30% off list price for Safco Brand Products
  • 100% manufacturer pass-through credit
  • Free shipping on all orders over $250
  • a) Reduced shipping once-per-month for order threshold of $100 shipping charges
  • b) Credited during the end of month and denoted on the business review.