Christensen Lecturer Recognition Award

Gordon Christensen is a leader in dental education, having lectured in all 50 states and many countries around the world, in addition to his roles as a private practice prosthodontist, dental educator at several dental schools, and founder of Clinical Research Associates. The Christensen Recognition Lecturer Award was created at the 125th Midwinter Meeting by the CDS Program Committee to recognize his many contributions to the dental profession, and particularly to the Midwinter Meeting. The Program Committee cited Dr. Christensen’s versatility as a Midwinter Meeting lecturer. The committee commended his presentations for being always accurate and up to date, and presented in a dynamic, straight-forward, fast-paced style. Dr. Christensen voiced his support for the award. “Recognizing up-and-coming lecturers at the meeting will stimulate more dentists to devote their time and talent to circuit lecturing. I believe this award will help improve continuing education programs throughout the country and I am proud to be associated with it.”

Past recipients

2024: Judy Kay Mausolf
2023: Karen Davis
2022: Michael DiTolla
2021: Lois Banta
2020: John Svirsky
2019: Karen Baker
2018: Edwin Parks and Gail Williamson
2017: K. William “Buddy” Mopper
2016: Terry Tanaka
2015: Debra Englehardt-Nash
2014: Greg Psaltis
2013: L. Stephen Buchanan
2012: Joseph Maggio
2011: Jeff Brucia
2010: Samuel Low
2009: Barry Freydberg
2008: Harold Crossley
2007: M. Nader Sharifi
2006: Joseph Massad
2005: David Garber
2004: Robert Lowe
2003: Cherilyn Sheets
2002: Harold Heymann
2001: Jeffrey Camm
2000: Terrence Donovan
1999: Peter Jacobsen
1998: Robert Pick
1997: Linda Niessen
1996: Alan Boghosian
1995: John Kanca III
1994: Gerald Denehy
1993: Frank Spear
1992: James Dunn
1991: Robert Winter
1990: Jacqueline Dzierzak