Loren J. Feldner Leadership Award

Dr. Feldner was widely considered a force of nature before he suddenly and tragically died of a heart attack in 2019. He was a leader and a giver, someone who was full of life, adventure, drive and dedication to dentistry, whether it cost him time, sleep, effort or money. Whenever his profession called on him, he delivered. He took great pride in advocating for dentistry in political circles – local, state or national – believing that open, honest dialogue “at the table” served and protected the profession’s interests. He was a mentor and role model to dental students and a champion of oral care for veterans.

As important as his service to dentistry, Dr. Feldner’s exemplary personal qualities endeared him to all. He was a true and genuine friend whose many gestures of kindness and loyalty live in the memories of his family and friends. Devoted to his daughter, Alexandra, and his partner, Terry Park. Dr. Feldner was happiest when he was doing for others.

Dr. Phil Fijal delivered this poignant passage in his eulogy at Dr. Feldner’s funeral: “Loren always pushed your potential with compassion and sincerity, wanting you to do better – be better – and would do anything he could to help. He exhibited honesty, integrity and trustworthiness, which made being his friend easy.”

To pay tribute to his inspiring energy and spirit, CDS created the Loren J. Feldner Leadership Award in 2020. The award recognizes a CDS member-dentist for their leadership and passion for dentistry.

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Past recipients

  • 2023: Dr. Mary Hayes
  • 2022: Dr. Ronald Waryjas
  • 2021: Dr. Terri Tiersky