Call for Volunteers

You can make a difference by joining our volunteer team.

Submission Deadline: August 10, 2024

The Chicago Dental Society is currently seeking energetic, enthusiastic, and dedicated individuals to join us in our mission to make a positive impact in our profession. Volunteering with us will allow you to contribute to our initiatives' success and provide you with valuable networking opportunities and professional development.

Your passion, strengths, and goals are crucial in shaping the future of our society. Please review the available opportunities below and apply for a position that best suits these qualities, empowering you to make a meaningful contribution.

Describe how you can contribute to the success of each committee for which you are volunteering in the text box following each committee’s criteria:
· Communications Committee
· Diversity and Inclusion Committee (D&I)

· MWM – Scientific Programs Management Committee (SPMC)

Application Requirements:
· CDS membership
· Contact information
· Completion of all required fields
· Statement describing your reasons for interest in the selected committee(s)
· Print full name

Contact Information

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Seeking six (6) volunteers

Recommend and formulate communication strategies, programs, and activities regarding issues pertaining to the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting, member engagement and programs, and brand visibility. Work in partnership with the CDS staff and Board to elevate communications plans between its members, the public, and the profession. 

Time commitment: Quarterly Meetings, with mandatory two meeting attendance (in-person and via Zoom). Committee term (rolling commitment) of three 1-year and three 2-year terms.

1.         Preferred communications, marketing, and social media savviness.
2.         Able to discuss messages and tones that resonate with dentists to help guide promotional efforts.
3.         Innovative thinking, open to trying new ideas.

Time commitment preference


Seeking seven (7) volunteers

  • Join this inaugural group of member volunteers coming together to develop practices and policies that will encourage, mentor, and support a diverse community and provide tools and educational resources to thrive in our profession. This committee will be charged with strategic outcomes to assist advancement into CDS  leadership and help build a diverse culture through inclusion initiatives, including developing strategies, identifying unique challenges, and setting realistic targets.
  • The committee’s mandates include developing a mentoring program, outreach to various diverse organizations, developing a way to collect demographic data, and facilitating focus groups during the Midwinter Meeting (MWM).
  • Time commitment: Quarterly Meetings, with mandatory attendance at two meetings (in-person and via Zoom). Committee terms (rolling commitment) are four one-year terms and three two-year terms.
  • Time commitment preference


    1.         Why are you interested in being a part of this committee?
    2.         What does diversity, equity, and inclusion mean to you?
    3.         What is your background related to DEI as a discipline?
    4.         How will you support the “core values” (diversity, inclusion, leadership)?
    5.         Are you currently involved in an organization with a DEI program?


    Seeking three (3) volunteers

    • Join the SPMC and deep dive into an MWM Daily Action Team by dedicating your volunteer days at the MWM to the Scientific Programs. This full-time commitment during the Midwinter Meeting includes a variety of opportunities, from checking on room availability, seating configurations, and supplies delivery to helping with course set-up/break down, assisting and supervising presiding and room chairs, and assuming hall duties to troubleshoot and assist attendees in course rooms.
    • Time commitment- Monthly meetings between January – February 2025 and all four (4) days during the Midwinter Meeting.

    Scientific Programs Management Committee (SPMC) Duties for the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting

    I. Overview
    · Role: Essential for the Midwinter Meeting's success.
    · Supervision: Manages three programs and participates in a fourth.
    · Composition: 12 members, three teams, 3-year term.
    · January meeting 9-12 am before MWM at CDS HQ.

    II. Presiding Chair Orientation
    · Assistance: 2 SPMC members support 40-60 Presiding Chairs at 6:15 AM meetings.
    · Duties: Distribute materials, provide course information, ensure readiness, and conduct orientation meetings.

    III. Student Room Chairs
    · Responsibility: 2-3 members manage 100 dental students daily.
    · Tasks: Sign-in, orientation, course assignment confirmation, scanner management, troubleshooting, and end-of-day collection.

    IV. Workshop Preparation Duties
    · Team: 7-8 members set up, supply, and take down workshops.
    · Daily Tasks:
    o Morning: Set up equipment and supplies.
    o Midday: Refill supplies and set up equipment.
    o End of Day: Pack materials and prepare rooms for the next day.
    · Hours: 6:00 AM to after 4:30 PM, with student assistance.

    V. Hall Duty
    · Posts: Assigned hallway positions.
    · Duties: Assist attendees, manage scanning issues, and ensure fire safety.

    VI. Qualifications of Members
    · Skills: Teamwork, time management, adaptability, attention to detail, organizational skills.
    · Physical Stamina: Required for the workshop team.
    · Problem-solving: Ability to quickly resolve issues.

    VII. Compensation
    · Benefits: Provided hotel rooms and daily stipend during the MWM.