We all have one. Let a CDS dentist help you keep yours healthy.


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Why you should see a CDS Dentist

Trust your CDS dentist with more than just your smile: they know that oral health is key to overall health. CDS dentists are up on trends and technology – through extensive continuing education programs – and are leaders in their profession. They’re also your neighbors, friends and community anchors. Talk with them, and you’ll see their work is an investment in your health.

Time to see a Dentist? Here's three places to look for clues

Your Mouth

You brush and floss regularly. But is your whole mouth healthy? Talk to your CDS dentist about maintaining good oral health, and how to spot signs of potential trouble beyond cavities and gum disease.

Your Body

No matter your medical history, medications or treatments, your CDS dentist can help you understand its impact on the health of your teeth, design a preventative oral care regimen, and work with you on maintaining your overall health through good oral care.

Sometimes a visit to the dentist can also reveal unexpected information on a patient’s health

Your CDS dentist can assess the health of your teeth and gums, help identify underlying conditions or diseases,  and refer you to the right specialists to continue your care.

Because I saw my dentist

For many patients, regular visits to the dentist have contributed to their confidence and improved their oral and overall health. In some cases, a routine visit to the dentist can help identify a larger underlying health issue. Watch how some patients credit their dentist with detecting cancer and other serious conditions – early enough to have helped treat them in time: Because I saw my dentist.