CDS Foundation Clinic

Volunteer at the CDS Foundation Clinic

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Our Mission

The Chicago Dental Society Foundation Clinic provides dental care to low-income residents of DuPage, Cook and Lake counties. The volunteer efforts of local oral healthcare professionals, as well as our partnerships in the community, enable us to care for those who otherwise would have limited access to quality dental services.

The Chicago Dental Society Foundation is the only dental foundation that owns and operates  a clinic in Illinois run by all volunteer dentists. 

What we do

  • Our volunteer dentists, hygienists and assistants alleviate pain and restore oral health through exams, prophylaxis, intraoral and panoramic X-rays, basic restorations and carefully evaluated extractions. 
  • Volunteers stay busy while working at the clinic because our staff pre-screens patients and schedules appointments in advance.
  • Our chairside assistant enables volunteer dentists to walk in, practice dentistry and feel good about the care they have delivered.
  • In some cases, volunteer oral surgeons and other specialists are called upon to provide more extensive treatment.

This free clinic relies on partners in the community, dental trade and oral health professions to deliver care.

You can help

Thanks to our volunteers

We gratefully acknowledge the dentists and dental professionals who generously give their time and talents to help improve the lives of others through service at the CDS Foundation Clinic.

2019 Chicago Dental Society Foundation Clinic Volunteers


  • Dr. Robin Blakkolb
  • Dr. Shafa Amirsoltani
  • Dr. Vincent Arpino
  • Dr. Maska Bartosz
  • Dr. David Behm
  • Dr. Spencer Bloom
  • Dr. Margaret Buell
  • Dr. Erla Calderon
  • Dr. Barbara Chang
  • Dr. Douglas Chang
  • Dr. Hwai Yin Chang
  • Dr. Edward Chavez
  • Dr. James Chidester
  • Dr. Steven Collins
  • Dr. Greg Cygan
  • Dr. Megan Davenport
  • Dr. Albert Diepstra
  • Dr. Charles DiFranco
  • Dr. Christen Dinikha
  • Dr. Brett Gilbert
  • Dr. Lorelei Grise
  • Dr. YiHsiung Huang
  • Dr. Eric Jackson
  • Dr. Priyanka Jain
  • Dr. Michelle Jennings
  • Dr. Chelsea Jones
  • Dr. Paul Kempf
  • Dr. Hidayathulla Khan
  • Dr. James Kouracos
  • Dr. Jeffrey Kramer
  • Dr. Janet Kuhn
  • Dr. Theresa Lao
  • Dr. Richard Leyba
  • Dr. Jun Sup Lim
  • Dr. Helen Lo
  • Dr. James Maragos
  • Dr. Yetta McCullom
  • Dr. Annette Mehren
  • Dr. Marcus Mercer
  • Dr. Denise Murmann
  • Dr. Shilpa Naren
  • Dr. David Nguyen
  • Dr. Patricia Nihill
  • Dr. Anna Orland
  • Dr. Renee Pappas
  • Dr. Rashmika Patel
  • Dr. Cristian Pavel
  • Dr. Ilie Pavel
  • Dr. Keith Petranek
  • Dr. Erin Petrik
  • Dr. Thomas Piazza
  • Dr. Joy Poskosim
  • Dr. Mini (Mandeep) Raina
  • Dr. Timothy Robieson
  • Dr. Milton Salzer
  • Dr. Ausrine Schneider
  • Dr. Thomas Schneider
  • Dr. Katarzyna Sekowska
  • Dr. Gandhi Sonal
  • Dr. Joseph Sperlazzo
  • Dr. Sama Srilekha
  • Dr. Alexander Stokowski
  • Dr. Amit Sud
  • Dr. Michael Tauber
  • Dr. Victoria Ursitti
  • Dr. Nai Annie Walter
  • Dr. Kenneth Yerkes
  • Dr. James Zajac

Dental Hygienists

  • Pam Bienduga, RDH
  • Selvi Das, RDH
  • Janice Janet, RDH

Dental Assistants

  • Asmita Adhikari
  • Anas Akhras
  • Enas Alnass
  • Prameelarani Betanapalli
  • Joshua Cheng
  • Sharma Diksha
  • Iriny Gadoon Abedelmalek
  • Zeel Gajera
  • Aylin Gallegos Salazar
  • Fatima Ghani
  • Komal Kamath
  • Yauheniya Karzan
  • Kirandeep Kaur
  • Shunila Kazmi
  • Sarah Ko
  • Thuy Le
  • Christy Lindberg
  • Bessie Lyles
  • Rosann Marattil
  • Emilia Marneris
  • Danielle Murman
  • NaNADA
  • Thu Nguyen
  • Nirali Patel
  • Abhishek Prabhu
  • Sidart Selvathurai
  • Malika Shariff
  • Malika Shariff
  • Neerav Sheth
  • Stephen Suchy
  • Tuba Tahseen
  • Amir Vakil
  • William Ward
  • Carlie Wilson
  • Dawn Wulf
  • MasMas (Gracy) Yang
  • Padma Priya Yelisetty
  • Neha Zafar