Grant Application

Any contributions of funds approved by the Chicago Dental Society Foundation are limited to licensed charitable 501(c)(3) organizations, educational groups and organizations dedicated to addressing access to dental care and dental education in the Chicago area and state of Illinois.

The CDS Foundation Grants program is currently on hiatus. A grant announcement will be made when the new application cycle is open.

The CDS Foundation seeks programs that provide dental homes and education with an emphasis on expanding their services and patient base. Grants are limited to a maximum of $5,000.


The Chicago Dental Society Foundation does not fund the following:

  • Discretionary or emergency requests
  • Individual research projects
  • Travel expenses
  • General operational expenses as distinct from project costs
  • Applicants should be aware that the Chicago Dental Society Foundation should not be considered a continuing source of annual funding

Responsibilities of the Funding Recipient

  • The recipient of a grant must use funds awarded for the specific purpose for which they were intended. Any funds not used must be returned to the CDS Foundation.
  • The CDS Foundation requires a written document no later than Dec. 31, 2020, with an evaluation, in the form of a Stewardship Report, providing detailed accounting of how the grant funds are / were being utilized and the progress of the funded project.
  • The grantee must list the Chicago Dental Society Foundation as a donor in publicity materials supportive of the grant activity and at a minimum in the annual report of the grantee. The grantee must specifically submit with the application how the CDS Foundation will be given public credit of financial support to the grantee project request.
  • The grantee must include how many funds, corporations or individuals support them and include a breakdown of percentages of monetary support of each of those categories.
  • The evaluation of your project will influence the likelihood of any future grants to your organization. A site visit may also be conducted.

Application Procedures

  • The Grant Application must be completed and the request electronically submitted in type-written format on the organization’s letterhead. 
  • Grant applications must be submitted to the CDS Foundation by BOTH mail AND email. 
  • Full background information on the scope of the project must be included.
  • Detailed dental budget must be included and separated from overall budget.
  • Answers are needed to the following sample questions as found on the grant application  (i.e. Is the project short or long term? Is this a new project or an expansion of existing facilities or services? How does this project improve the scope of dental health? How and when will your organization evaluate the success of this proposed project?


The application period ends May 1, 2020. The grant period is Aug. 1, 2020 – July 31, 2021. 

Stewardship report due by Dec. 31, 2021.


Chicago Dental Society Foundation
401 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 200
Chicago, IL 60611
Fax: 312.836.7337
Kristen Weber, Executive Director, CDS Foundation