Leadership Development Groups

CDS has a unique system that decides on officers for its Board of Directors. Three leadership development groups are involved in choosing CDS leaders. They are:

  • Members Group
  • Independent Dental Organization
  • Progressive Club

Each year, one of the groups nominates a candidate to join the Board of Directors as treasurer. The other two groups then choose to accept or reject the candidate. Assuming the candidate is accepted, he or she will serve a five-year term on the board, culminating with the position of president. The opportunity to choose a candidate rotates between the groups, ensuring each group has equal representation on the Board of Directors.

CDS members do not have to join a group in order to be active within the society. While several committees and board officers are chosen by each group, members unaffiliated with a group may be chosen for volunteer leadership positions if they are nominated by a group. 

  • Contact representatives for each group
  • Join your group's email list

To find out more about the three groups and governance of the society, members may review the society's constitution and bylaws.

Find out more about getting involved with CDS here.

Leadership Development Group contacts

Members may email any of the following individuals for more information about the CDS Leadership Development Groups.