2017 Member Snap Shots

  • Brian Embera

    2017 CDS Members Reach Out

    July/August 2017

    CDS members reach out to underserved in Panama

    Growing up the son of a dentist in the middle class suburbs of Chicago, Brian Burseth’s life was not one of privilege per se but certai...Read More

  • Anthony Maoloni

    2017 Anthony Maoloni

    May/June 2017

    Keeping time with Anthony Maoloni

    Adults take painstaking efforts to get kids interested in a subject. They’ll pay a bundle for music lessons, spend time carting kids back and forth ...Read More

  • march2017Snap_shot

    2017 Sahar Alrayyes


    Sahar Alrayyes goes a long distance to bring care to special needs children

    As a pediatric dentist and clinical associate professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dent...Read More

  • larry_williams-500x350

    2017 Larry Williams Jr.


    Larry Williams finds another purpose

    Growing up on a farm in Tennessee, Larry Williams became comfortable doing odd jobs and working with his hands, using tools and his imagination to...Read More