2015 Member Snap Shots

  • Sharon Horwitz

    Sharon Horwitz

    December 2015

    Try to keep up with Sharon Horwitz

    Sharon Horwitz is on the run – literally.

    Dr. Horwitz keeps a busy Oak Park practice, but what keeps her on the go is a training schedule...Read More
  • Harold Shavell

    Harold Shavell

    September/October 2015

    Harold Shavell has carved his niche

    To be sure, dentistry requires mastery of technical skills. But for Harold Shavell, there is artistry and more to dentistry – the perfect shape, the ...Read More
  • Sam Wexler

    Sam Wexler

    July/August 2015

    See what Sam Wexler has been collecting

    When Sam Wexler says he’s immersed in history, he’s not kidding.

    Years of collecting antique dental equipment and supplies goi...Read More
  • Richard McDaniel

    Richard McDaniel

    May/June 2015

    Richard McDaniel saves a piece of our history

    After 40 years practicing orthodontics, it’s safe to say that Richard McDaniel amassed a lot of stuff in his office. His collections told t...Read More
  • DrMeatball

    Thomas Kwiatt

    March/April 2015

    Dr. Meatball has something up his sleeve

    Now, that’sa meatball!

    So said the chef-judges – as well as patients, staff and friends – about dentist Thomas Kwiatt&r...Read More
  • banks_robert

    Bob Banks

    January/February 2015

    Bob Banks reflects on a life of service

    Highlights abound in the nearly 90-year-span of Robert Banks Sr.’s life: growing up without plumbing or electricity on his family’s homeste...Read More