2013 Member Snap Shots

  • duffner_comp

    2013 Greg Duffner


    Greg Duffner and the Mercy Riders hit the open road to fight homelessness

    Several days a week Greg Duffner bikes to his Homewood dental practice from his Frankfort home. The recent mild winte...Read More
  • muller_lawrence

    2013 Lawrence Muller


    Lawrence Muller finds there is no place to go but up

    In 1963, National Geographic published an article on the first Americans to summit Mount Everest. Lawrence Muller, then age 11, read the a...Read More
  • Kelly_Skerrett

    2013 Kelly Skerrett


    Kelly Skerrett finds her outlet through abstract art

    As a child, Kelly Skerrett loved creating art. But as a young adult, she saw her creativeness evolve when she began to paint. 
    ...Read More
  • snap_shots-Bandits

    2013 Eric Jackson


    Eric Jackson goes to bat for the Bandits

    It was just a few months ago that Chicago Dental Society member Eric Jackson found a message on his LinkedIn account from the Chicago Bandits, a women...Read More
  • magons

    2013 John Magon


    Flight club

    South Holland dentist John Magon was inducted into the Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame in 2012. Candidates for the Hall of Fame must have been involved in some aspect of aviation i...Read More
  • ChristiensenAward33

    2013 Daily Review - Day 1: 2013 Christensen Lecturer Award recipient L. Stephen Buchanan

    Daily Review - Day 1: 2013 Christensen Award

    Dr. Buchanan shares his endodontics expertise in hands-on courses

    Well-known — and well-regarded — for his embrace of technological advances that make his work and research in end...Read More
  • margolis

    2013 Daily Review - Day 2: 2013 Cushing Award recipient Fred Margolis

    2013 Daily Review - Day 2: Cushing Award

    Fred Margolis brings smiles to Special Olympians

    From his earliest days, Fred Margolis connected with children and young people. And as a pediatric dentist for more than 35 years, Dr. Margoli...Read More
  • cdsf_vision2013

    2013 Daily Review - Day 3: 2013 CDS Foundation Vision Award

    Daily Review - Day 3: 2013 CDS Foundation Vision Award

    Dr. Schaaf honored for his commitment to philanthropy

    Ed Schaaf has been known for many things during his 52-year career; his tireless devotion to the patients at the Free People Clinic at...Read More