hadleyP&PMouthguards protect more than your smile

You know the routine for maintaining a healthy mouth and you encourage kids to brush and floss regularly. For athletes, preparing for sports also includes protecting their mouths from trauma during play and competition. Mouthguards play an integral role in protecting not only athletes' teeth, but also their jaw, lips, cheeks and tongue. Mouthguards have also been shown to help prevent head and neck injuries and concussions.

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Talk to a CDS dentist to learn more about your safety options during sports and play and the best ways to protect your oral health, including the right mouthguards for the active kids and athletes in your family.

For help identifying the best mouthguard option for you and your family, and to assist with any oral health needs you may have, a CDS dentist in your area can be located using the link below: 

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They know that oral health is key to overall health. CDS dentists are up on trends and technology – through extensive continuing education programs – and are leaders in their profession. They’re also your neighbors, friends and community anchors. Talk with them, and you’ll see their work is an investment in your health.

The mouthguard power play

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Mouthguards save smiles and can prevent sports injuries

 Don't forget your mouthguard!