2019 Member Snap Shots

  • Ramin Medhat

    July/August 2019

    Ramin Medhat finds ‘hot yoga’ spiritual, physical

    Ramin Medhat has always enjoyed activities involving fast action and forward movement.

    Recently the Chicago Dental Soci...Read More

  • Snap_shot-grace_yum

    Grace Yum

    March/April 2019

    Grace Yum gives voice to dentist mothers

    Grace Yum is a modern day renaissance woman, and mother. She is using all of the digital tools available to spread the word that dentists who are m...Read More

  • Snap_shot-joanne_oppenheim

    Joanne Oppenheim

    January/February 2019

    Oppenheim family answers the call for help

    When the call goes out for help, CDS member Joanne Oppenheim and her family readily answers it.

    Dr. Oppenheim’s reaction when her d...Read More