2014 Member Snap Shots

  • hadley

    Hadley the Hound


    CDS introduces Hadley the Hound

    Hadley the Hound, the newest member and first official mascot of the Chicago Dental Society debuted in Chicago, Tuesday, Nov. 18. With the celebration of CDS&r...Read More
  • major_michael

    J. Michael Major


    Dentist by day, mystery writer by night

    Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone, but J. Michael Major knows “whodunnit.”

    After he hangs up his handpiece for the day, the Clar...Read More
  • Allison Alberts


    Allison Alberts puts her game face on

    It only took one night of watching the Legends Football League (LFL) games on MTV2 that Allison Alberts decided this was something she wanted to do. Dr. ...Read More
  • william_wan

    William Wan


    Changing fate in India, one face at a time

    Sixteen years ago, William Wan began visiting India as a photographer. He loved its diversity in landscape, culture and colors, which brought him to...Read More
  • fred_orendach-too

    Frederick Orendach


    Frederick Orendach and bones named Sue

    As a child, Frederick Orendach would hop on the “L” in the Englewood neighborhood and ride it to visit Chicago’s many museums. <...Read More