2012 Member Snap Shots

  • harry_price

    Harry Price

    December 2012

    Harry Price is still leaving gold in his wake

    As we age, many of us will move toward hobbies and sports that are less thrilling and risky than those we enjoyed in our 20s and 30s; perhaps the...Read More
  • kagan_george

    George Kagan

    September/October 2012

    George Kagan builds on his fascination with wooden radios to create working objects of art

    George Kagan’s passion was sparked by a 1997 magazine ad that stated that the German manufactu...Read More
  • perlmans

    Sharon Perlman

    July/August 2012

    Sharon Perlman is on a mission to raise awareness about Lynch Syndrome

    Most people have never heard of Lynch Syndrome. In fact, only 5 percent of individuals who have the disease know they...Read More

  • glenn_deweirdt

    Glenn DeWeirdt

    May/June 2012

    Glenn DeWeirdt has a need for speed

    Glenn DeWeirdt has always been “a car guy.” And for years he wanted to get involved in racing on some level. A year ago, Dr. DeWeirdt finally g...Read More
  • snap_shots-mar2012

    Egon Schein

    March/April 2012

    Egon Schein: Renaissance man

    It’s unusual these days to find a true Renaissance Man, someone who excels in a few different areas of interest. Egon Schein might be considered that modern...Read More
  • steven_kahn

    Steven Kahn

    January/February 2012

    Steve Kahn is at home with his inner child

    Some people wonder why anyone would collect anything. Steven Kahn said his reason is simple. 

    “When we are experiencing stre...Read More
  • jamsession

    David Behm

    2012 Daily Review – Day 1

    David Behm follows his own beat

    In third grade, David Behm’s teacher asked if anyone wanted to play the bongo to the song “Yellow Bird.” Dr. Behm raised his hand to voluntee...Read More
  • fiore_david

    David Fiore

    2012 Daily Review – Day 2

    Graffiti leads dentist to discover his practice was once home of music club

    In late 1993, David Fiore purchased an old bicycle shop located at 1170 W. Armitage Ave. and renovated it to h...Read More
  • greene_hanson

    Marvin Green

    2012 Daily Review – Day 3

    Haunted dental office was once a funeral parlor, home to Wax Trax! Record Store

    It’s not every day that you find a dental office with a connection to a famous record store that cre...Read More