2011 Member Snap Shots

  • SNAP-irwin_mishoulam

    Irwin Mishoulam

    December 2011

    All aboard!

    When Irwin Mishoulam was only 7 years old, his father took him to a dime store to buy a model airplane. Side by side, they put the model together. Several weeks later, after savin...Read More
  • snap_shots-weinfield

    Herb Weinfeld

    September/October 2011

    Dr. Herb is looking for slot machines

    As a boy, Herb Weinfield begged his mother for pennies and nickels so he could go to town and play the slot machines. Slot machines at the time were in g...Read More
  • crew

    Paul Akers

    July/August 2011

    Paul Akers sets sail for Mackinac

    This July marks the 103rd Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac. At 333 miles, the so-called Mac Race from Chicago to Mackinac Island, MI, is the oldest and lo...Read More
  • bloom_spencer

    Spencer Bloom

    March/April 2011

    Spencer Bloom's work is a cut above

    Six years ago, Spencer Bloom came across the hobby of scroll sawing while browsing through the library. Scroll sawing is a type of woodworking where a moto...Read More
  • muhr

    Paul Muhr

    January/February 2011

    Paul Muhr will show you around

    Imagine setting aside one day each week to step away from the office and household chores that await you. Instead, you might wander a local park, taking in the ...Read More
  • boarini_clinic

    Mark Boarini

    2011 Daily Review – Day 1

    Divine intervention led Mark Boarini to open dental clinic

    It’s hard not to be discouraged when vacation plans falls apart. But Antioch dentist Mark Boarini found unusual inspiration - ...Read More
  • emergency (1)

    Larry Sangrik

    2011 Daily Review – Day 2

    Dental office tragedy shows need for emergency preparation

    It’s been more than a decade that Larry Sangrik has been lecturing about medical emergency preparedness, urging his colleagues...Read More
  • bulwa-atlas

    Sheldon Bulwa

    2011 Daily Review – Day 3

    In retirement, Sheldon Bulwa finds new daily grind in sculpting

    It was shortly after Sheldon Bulwa retired from dentistry that his wife stressed he couldn’t spend the rest of his retire...Read More