Member Snap Shots

2019 Snap Shots

Originally published in the CDS Review.

  • Snap_shot-dec-2019

    Douglas James


    Staying afloat with Douglas James

    Douglas James never has a problem falling asleep.

    His sleep aid is as old as when man first plopped a vessel into a body of water.

    You se...Read More

  • Ramin Medhat


    Ramin Medhat finds ‘hot yoga’ spiritual, physical

    Ramin Medhat has always enjoyed activities involving fast action and forward movement.

    Recently the Chicago Dental Societ...Read More

  • Snap_shot-grace_yum

    Grace Yum


    Grace Yum gives voice to dentist mothers

    Grace Yum is a modern day renaissance woman, and mother. She is using all of the digital tools available to spread the word that dentists who are m...Read More

  • Snap_shot-joanne_oppenheim

    Joanne Oppenheim


    Oppenheim family answers the call for help

    When the call goes out for help, CDS member Joanne Oppenheim and her family readily answers it.

    Dr. Oppenheim’s reaction when her d...Read More

  • Snap_shot-dec2018

    Josephine Chang Pallotto


    Walk for a cause, prompted by love

    Oral cancer will strike almost 50,000 this year, according to the Oral Cancer Foundation, killing about 9,750, which means about one person an hour, 24 h...Read More

  • Snap_shot-Drucker

    Scott Drucker


    Young dentist debunks stereotyping

    There is an axiom lately that younger dentists just don’t have the same drive or entrepreneurial spirit once identified as a hallmark of the profe...Read More

  • Snap_shot-romo

    Gene Romo


    Before becoming Dr. Romo, he was Gino ‘Rockin’ Romo

    While Genaro Romo was attending the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry, he led a double life.

    D...Read More

  • udelson-500x350

    Jerry Udelson


    Jerry Udelson a dentist for all seasons

    Quick, what do golf, glassblowing and motorcycle riding have in common?

    If you’re left scratching your head trying to figure that out,...Read More

  • barrows-500x350

    Michael Barrows


    Thank you, Michael Barrows

    There was a time when Michael Barrows just didn’t feel much pride about serving in the army during the Vietnam War era. The CDS member completed two years ...Read More

  • snap_shot-kolar

    Larry Kolar


    Lord of the Snacks: Larry Kolar is a band booster extraordinaire

    High school band boosters are special parents.

    Some do only the minimum, showing up once a year to hand out bottle...Read More

  • Snap_shot-Larry-Abdullah

    Larry Abdullah


    Giving back to the homeland

    A few years ago, CDS member Larry Abdullah went home to a place he had never seen. And when he got there, he was welcomed as a brother by inhabitants of the wester...Read More
  • Snap_shot-manasse

    Robert Manasse


    CDS member finds his way on 500-mile pilgrimage

    During a 500-mile trek in two foreign countries, through unfamiliar and sometimes precarious terrain, there will be times when a person feels o...Read More
  • Brian Embera

    Chris, Brian & Patty Burseth


    CDS members reach out to underserved in Panama

    Growing up the son of a dentist in the middle class suburbs of Chicago, Brian Burseth’s life was not one of privilege per se but certai...Read More

  • Anthony Maoloni

    Anthony Maoloni


    Keeping time with Anthony Maoloni

    Adults take painstaking efforts to get kids interested in a subject. They’ll pay a bundle for music lessons, spend time carting kids back and forth ...Read More

  • march2017Snap_shot

    Sahar Alrayyes


    Sahar Alrayyes goes a long distance to bring care to special needs children

    As a pediatric dentist and clinical associate professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dent...Read More

  • larry_williams-500x350

    Larry Williams Jr.


    Larry Williams finds another purpose

    Growing up on a farm in Tennessee, Larry Williams became comfortable doing odd jobs and working with his hands, using tools and his imagination to...Read More

  • Snap_shot-dec2016-500x350

    Irene Renieris


    Irene Renieris calls former firehouse her home

    Irene Renieris and her family were...Read More

  • DrDanFidanze15

    Dan Fidanze


    Laissez les bon temps rouler with Dan Fidanze

    When Dan Fidanze was a teenager growing up in Cicero, he gave some thought to becoming a professional musician. 

    And why not? H...Read More
  • sullivan_michael

    Michael Sullivan


    Michael Sullivan presents Freebie Fridays

    In the beginning of his career, Michael Sullivan took Fridays off so he could spend more time with his children. He wanted to see them during school ...Read More
  • Zak_Mike-snapshot

    Mike Zak


    Heli-Boarding snowballs into a pastime for Mike Zak

    With a population of only 425, Blue River, BC, sits 400 miles northeast of Vancouver. According to, it lies in one ...Read More
  • engelberg_brent

    Brent Engelberg


    Meet Froggy's favorite dentist

    There were two reasons why Brent Engelberg decided to fill out the online Check, Please! form to review his favorite restaurant, Froggy’s French Caf&eacut...Read More
  • IMG_0257

    ADA Library


    ADA Library is a valuable resource

    There is an undiscovered gem nestled into the sixth floor of the American Dental Association building on Chicago Avenue. It offers many resources in one pla...Read More
  • Snap_shot-leaders

    Sheri Doniger, James Discipio & Michael Schroeder


    Community leaders

    Many people consider their daytime job as the only thing they do professionally. Some people, however, strive to do more for the general welfare, and many times it is very d...Read More
  • kimbrough_robert

    Robert Kimbrough


    Bob Kimbrough pays it forward

    Since his grammar school days, Bob Kimbrough has referred to an old poem, “Somebody’s Mother” by Mary Dow Brine, that encapsulated his philosop...Read More
  • booth_barry

    Barry Booth


    Barry Booth is a marathon man

    It was only two and half years ago – shortly before his 50th birthday – that Barry Booth decided that running marathons was probably the best thing h...Read More
  • humenik_mark

    Mark Humenik


    Mark Humenik is on a mission

    It’s not every weekend that 1,500 people line up outside of The LaCrosse Center in La Crosse, WI. But for two days last June the Mission of Mercy (MOM), a n...Read More
  • Snap_shot-neil_Kay

    Neil Kay


    Neil Kay goes to Vietnam

    While Vietnam may evoke mixed emotions for Americans of a certain age, this exotic Southeast Asian country has captured the heart of orthodontist Neil Kay.

    Read More
  • shark_sammich

    Russell Fitton


    Russell Fitton's life aquatic

    Sea Hunt – the television series that aired in the late 1950s starring Lloyd Bridges as a freelance diver – was the inspiration that propell...Read More
  • goldies_place

    Goldie's Place


    Goldie's Place student-run dental clinic offers eye-opening experience

    Chicago is home to the nation’s first skyscraper (built in 1884), and is the birthplace of both the car radio and ...Read More
  • reusz_bernie

    Bernie Reusz


    Bernie Reusz is on top of his game

    Thirty-five years ago Bernie Reusz stood in his college dorm room thinking his roommate was nuts for asking if he wanted to referee a grammar school basketb...Read More
  • bulwa-atlas

    Sheldon Bulwa

    Daily Review – Day 3

    In retirement, Sheldon Bulwa finds new daily grind in sculpting

    It was shortly after Sheldon Bulwa retired from dentistry that his wife stressed he couldn’t spend the rest of his retire...Read More
  • emergency (1)

    Larry Sangrik

    Daily Review – Day 2

    Dental office tragedy shows need for emergency preparation

    It’s been more than a decade that Larry Sangrik has been lecturing about medical emergency preparedness, urging his colleagues...Read More
  • boarini_clinic

    Mark Boarini

    Daily Review – Day 1

    Divine intervention led Mark Boarini to open dental clinic

    It’s hard not to be discouraged when vacation plans falls apart. But Antioch dentist Mark Boarini found unusual inspiration - ...Read More
  • muhr

    Paul Muhr


    Paul Muhr will show you around

    Imagine setting aside one day each week to step away from the office and household chores that await you. Instead, you might wander a local park, taking in the ...Read More
  • bloom_spencer

    Spencer Bloom


    Spencer Bloom's work is a cut above

    Six years ago, Spencer Bloom came across the hobby of scroll sawing while browsing through the library. Scroll sawing is a type of woodworking where a moto...Read More
  • crew

    Paul Akers


    Paul Akers sets sail for Mackinac

    This July marks the 103rd Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac. At 333 miles, the so-called Mac Race from Chicago to Mackinac Island, MI, is the oldest and lo...Read More
  • snap_shots-weinfield

    Herb Weinfeld


    Dr. Herb is looking for slot machines

    As a boy, Herb Weinfield begged his mother for pennies and nickels so he could go to town and play the slot machines. Slot machines at the time were in g...Read More
  • SNAP-irwin_mishoulam

    Irwin Mishoulam


    All aboard!

    When Irwin Mishoulam was only 7 years old, his father took him to a dime store to buy a model airplane. Side by side, they put the model together. Several weeks later, after savin...Read More
  • greene_hanson

    Marvin Green

    2012 Daily Review – Day 3

    Haunted dental office was once a funeral parlor, home to Wax Trax! Record Store

    It’s not every day that you find a dental office with a connection to a famous record store that cre...Read More
  • fiore_david

    David Fiore

    2012 Daily Review – Day 2

    Graffiti leads dentist to discover his practice was once home of music club

    In late 1993, David Fiore purchased an old bicycle shop located at 1170 W. Armitage Ave. and renovated it to h...Read More
  • jamsession

    David Behm

    2012 Daily Review – Day 1

    David Behm follows his own beat

    In third grade, David Behm’s teacher asked if anyone wanted to play the bongo to the song “Yellow Bird.” Dr. Behm raised his hand to voluntee...Read More
  • steven_kahn

    Steven Kahn


    Steve Kahn is at home with his inner child

    Some people wonder why anyone would collect anything. Steven Kahn said his reason is simple. 

    “When we are experiencing stre...Read More
  • snap_shots-mar2012

    Egon Schein


    Egon Schein: Renaissance man

    It’s unusual these days to find a true Renaissance Man, someone who excels in a few different areas of interest. Egon Schein might be considered that modern...Read More
  • glenn_deweirdt

    Glenn DeWeirdt


    Glenn DeWeirdt has a need for speed

    Glenn DeWeirdt has always been “a car guy.” And for years he wanted to get involved in racing on some level. A year ago, Dr. DeWeirdt finally g...Read More
  • perlmans

    Sharon Perlman


    Sharon Perlman is on a mission to raise awareness about Lynch Syndrome

    Most people have never heard of Lynch Syndrome. In fact, only 5 percent of individuals who have the disease know they...Read More

  • kagan_george

    George Kagan


    George Kagan builds on his fascination with wooden radios to create working objects of art

    George Kagan’s passion was sparked by a 1997 magazine ad that stated that the German manufactu...Read More
  • cdsf_vision2013

    Ed Schaaf: 2013 CDS Foundation Vision Award

    Daily Review - Day 3

    Dr. Schaaf honored for his commitment to philanthropy

    Ed Schaaf has been known for many things during his 52-year career; his tireless devotion to the patients at the Free People Clinic at...Read More

  • margolis

    Fred Margolis: 2013 Cushing Award recipient

    2013 Daily Review - Day 2

    Fred Margolis brings smiles to Special Olympians

    From his earliest days, Fred Margolis connected with children and young people. And as a pediatric dentist for more than 35 years, Dr. Margoli...Read More
  • ChristiensenAward33

    L. Stephen Buchanan: 2013 Christensen Lecturer Award recipient

    2013 Daily Review - Day 1

    Dr. Buchanan shares his endodontics expertise in hands-on courses

    Well-known — and well-regarded — for his embrace of technological advances that make his work and research in end...Read More
  • magons

    John Magon


    Flight club

    South Holland dentist John Magon was inducted into the Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame in 2012. Candidates for the Hall of Fame must have been involved in some aspect of aviation i...Read More
  • snap_shots-Bandits

    Eric Jackson


    Eric Jackson goes to bat for the Bandits

    It was just a few months ago that Chicago Dental Society member Eric Jackson found a message on his LinkedIn account from the Chicago Bandits, a women...Read More
  • Kelly_Skerrett

    Kelly Skerrett


    Kelly Skerrett finds her outlet through abstract art

    As a child, Kelly Skerrett loved creating art. But as a young adult, she saw her creativeness evolve when she began to paint. 
    ...Read More
  • muller_lawrence

    Lawrence Muller


    Lawrence Muller finds there is no place to go but up

    In 1963, National Geographic published an article on the first Americans to summit Mount Everest. Lawrence Muller, then age 11, read the a...Read More
  • duffner_comp

    Greg Duffner


    Greg Duffner and the Mercy Riders hit the open road to fight homelessness

    Several days a week Greg Duffner bikes to his Homewood dental practice from his Frankfort home. The recent mild winte...Read More
  • harry_price

    Harry Price


    Harry Price is still leaving gold in his wake

    As we age, many of us will move toward hobbies and sports that are less thrilling and risky than those we enjoyed in our 20s and 30s; perhaps the...Read More
  • fred_orendach-too

    Frederick Orendach


    Frederick Orendach and bones named Sue

    As a child, Frederick Orendach would hop on the “L” in the Englewood neighborhood and ride it to visit Chicago’s many museums. <...Read More
  • william_wan

    William Wan


    Changing fate in India, one face at a time

    Sixteen years ago, William Wan began visiting India as a photographer. He loved its diversity in landscape, culture and colors, which brought him to...Read More
  • Allison Alberts


    Allison Alberts puts her game face on

    It only took one night of watching the Legends Football League (LFL) games on MTV2 that Allison Alberts decided this was something she wanted to do. Dr. ...Read More
  • major_michael

    J. Michael Major


    Dentist by day, mystery writer by night

    Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone, but J. Michael Major knows “whodunnit.”

    After he hangs up his handpiece for the day, the Clar...Read More
  • hadley

    Hadley the Hound


    CDS introduces Hadley the Hound

    Hadley the Hound, the newest member and first official mascot of the Chicago Dental Society debuted in Chicago, Tuesday, Nov. 18. With the celebration of CDS&r...Read More
  • banks_robert

    Bob Banks


    Bob Banks reflects on a life of service

    Highlights abound in the nearly 90-year-span of Robert Banks Sr.’s life: growing up without plumbing or electricity on his family’s homeste...Read More
  • DrMeatball

    Thomas Kwiatt


    Dr. Meatball has something up his sleeve

    Now, that’sa meatball!

    So said the chef-judges – as well as patients, staff and friends – about dentist Thomas Kwiatt&r...Read More
  • Richard McDaniel

    Richard McDaniel


    Richard McDaniel saves a piece of our history

    After 40 years practicing orthodontics, it’s safe to say that Richard McDaniel amassed a lot of stuff in his office. His collections told t...Read More
  • Sam Wexler

    Sam Wexler


    See what Sam Wexler has been collecting

    When Sam Wexler says he’s immersed in history, he’s not kidding.

    Years of collecting antique dental equipment and supplies goi...Read More
  • Harold Shavell

    Harold Shavell


    Harold Shavell has carved his niche

    To be sure, dentistry requires mastery of technical skills. But for Harold Shavell, there is artistry and more to dentistry – the perfect shape, the ...Read More
  • Sharon Horwitz

    Sharon Horwitz


    Try to keep up with Sharon Horwitz

    Sharon Horwitz is on the run – literally.

    Dr. Horwitz keeps a busy Oak Park practice, but what keeps her on the go is a training schedule...Read More
  • AnnMazzotti__MG_0121

    Ann Mazzotti


    Ann Mazzotti finds her creative outlet on stage

    By all accounts Ann Mazzotti is perfectly happy being herself, a successful dentist who likes going to the gym for an aerobics or spin class, o...Read More
  • Barry Janov

    Barry Janov


    Barry Janov treasures the golden era of radio

    Barry Janov’s license plates give a hint about his outside interest and passion. The retired dentist’s vanity plates are simple ...Read More
  • Alvaro Figueroa

    Alvaro Figueroa


    Alvaro Figueroa has a mission

    Alvaro Figueroa is passionate about his profession of dentistry and bringing its benefits to others. 

    And that passion can be seen in his ...Read More
  • Jerri Coffey posing on a front porch

    Jerri Coffey


    Hanging out with Jeri Coffey

    Jeri Coffey has a number of hobbies that help her unwind after a tough day working in the operatory. One of the Riverside dentist’s favorite past times i...Read More