CDS News

  • May 4, 2017

Interested in a NEW State of Illinois Employees Dental Claim Payment Program?

From the Illinois State Dental Society:

Does the State of Illinois owe you money on dental claims?  If the State of Illinois were to develop a new program to advance payments for dental claims owed by the State of Illinois for its employees, would you be interested? The Illinois State Dental Society has just been informed that the Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) is considering the creation of a new vendor assistance program that would advance 90% of the actual aggregate amount owed to the dentist by the State now, then pay the dentist the remaining 10% whenever funds eventually become available.

Under this arrangement, the dentist would forgo any interest earned on the outstanding claim. State law currently requires that interest be accumulated at 1% per month after 60 days.

Please note:  This is NOT the same program as last year, which would have significantly reduced the amount paid to dentists.  This NEW program will be based on the TOTAL amount you are owed, not a reduced amount as was proposed by the vendor assistance program in March of 2016.

If ISDS can demonstrate to CMS and legislators that high level of interest by dentists exists for this proposed new program, it would help immensely in moving the program’s development along.

While we know that the only real solution is for the State to adopt a full-year’s budget and begin paying off its outstanding bills, this type of assistance program may be beneficial to some of our members who are owed large sums of money by the State.

At this point, we are simply trying to gauge your level of interest in learning more about this type of program, if CMS makes it available. Please send a simple “Yes, I’m interested” e-mail to Mr. Chris Manion, ISDS Director of Professional Services, at if you would like to be counted as “yes.”

At this time, there are no additional details other than what is described above. We will keep you updated as we learn more. If you have questions, call Chris at 800-475-4737.