CDS News

  • May 3, 2017

Call to Action on SB634

A Message from the Illinois State Dental Society:

The time for action is now. Call Governor Rauner, your State Senator and your State Representative now in support of SB634.  In an effort to address concerns raised in Committee about our provision that would allow dentists to opt out of the contract and be considered out-of-network dentists for the State of Illinois employee dental plan, ISDS has amended the language which now provides that “a dental provider who has an existing contract that provides services to State employees under this Act and who has not received timely reimbursement for services for a period of 6 months may consider the associated provider contract temporarily suspended for the State of Illinois, and shall be allowed to bill patients covered under the contract the agreed preferred provider organization discounted fee for services covered without penalty by the State administrator of the dental plan until such time as a State budget is enacted that provides full funding for the State of Illinois employee dental benefits plan.”

In this way, we are addressing the issue of payment without breaking the contract network.  A full text of the amendment is provided here.

It is very important that you call and tell Governor Rauner and your elected officials how this budget impasse is effecting you personally.  Click here to see the CRAIN’S article that was just published about our bill.

In addition, we are asking the legislative leaders to include payment to our most distressed dentists in any stop gap budget that might come out at the eleventh hour as we approach the legislative deadline of May 31st.

Call Gov. Rauner’s office at 217/782-6830, then call your elected senator and representative now… and keep calling until they pass a budget.  If you do not already know the direct phone numbers of your state legislators in Springfield, simply call the general number (217/782-2000) at the State Capitol and ask to be transferred.  If you not sure who your state senator or representative is, enter your home address in the Find your elected officials search.

Act now… there are only four weeks left for a solution to this fiscal crisis!