• May 24, 2021

Update email with IDFPR for license renewal

It is important for every individual holding a general dentist, specialist or hygienist license to have an e-mail address in Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation's system.  Without an email address in the system, dentists and hygienists will not receive information on license renewal.

To ensure you receive emailed information from IDFPR:

  • Go to the Change Your address, e-mail address or telephone number page of at
  • Click on the writing on the top of the page stating “Click Here to Change your Address, Email Address or Telephone Number.”
  • Select your profession (i.e. Dentist), then choose Change/Verify Address & Contact Info, License Number, Social Security Number and Date of Birth.

In order to edit your information on the website, IDFPR must have your birthdate in its system.  According to the Illinois State Dental Society, birthdates for licensed individuals were lost when IDFPR did an update of its website.  

If you cannot review your information, please email IDFPR’s Dental Liaison, Jerry Miller.