• August 26, 2019

Illinois Dentists Salute Veterans Nov. 11

illinois-dentist-salute-logoIn 2017, the Illinois State Dental Society launched the Illinois Dentists Salute initiative for veterans in desperate need of dental care. Dental offices statewide set aside appointment times for veterans on Veteran’s Day and provided no-cost, critically needed dental services for the selfless men and women who served our country. Treatment focused on cleanings, restorations and extractions.

ISDS learned from the inaugural event that flexibility is key to the initiative’s success. ISDS is reintroducing Illinois Dentists Salute with a tool kit available at The updated Illinois Dentists Salute enables member dentists and their offices to choose when, where, and how they wish to participate; what free dental services they will provide; and how they will arrange their appointment schedules to accommodate veterans in need.

Members are encouraged to participate

  • You, the member dentist, choose what treatment you wish to provide – cleanings, restorations, extractions and more – and determine the priority treatment.
  • You choose the number of available appointments for veterans, dates and times, and how to promote your office’s event.
  • You do your own scheduling directly with veteran patients.

The tool kit includes information on Reaching Prospective Patients, Media Promotion, and the Good Samaritan Act.

You can hold your event on Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11, in the month of November, or anytime during the year. For more information, Contact Pam Cuffle, Illinois State Dental Society administrative assistant.