• May 24, 2019

Many state legislatures changing their Medicaid insurance programs

Around the country, state legislatures have been busy this spring with plans to change their Medicaid insurance programs. Some highlights:

In Texas, lawmakers are moving a bill that would add telehealth and telemedicine to Medicaid and mandate payment parity.

In Indiana, officials are proposing offering $1,000 over 12 months to Medicaid recipients who transition to jobs but face the dilemma of exceeding the income cap and losing their state health insurance benefits.

In Alaska, the state’s health and social services department is soliciting consultants to overhaul its Medicaid program, specifically to move “relatively healthy” recipients into private insurance plans and create work requirements.

In Louisiana, the House is seeking to expand Medicaid coverage to include children with developmental disabilities for parents who make too money to qualify under current rules.

And in Washington state, a new program altogether. The governor has signed into law the Cascade Care plan that offers health coverage through the state’s Health Benefit Exchange, which serves as a “marketplace” for health and dental insurance. The move makes the state the first to offer a public health care option.