• June 14, 2017

Register with the Illinois Prescription Monitoring System

For those CDS members who prescribe controlled substances, CDS would like to alert you that there are several groups operating in multiple communities in the area who are obtaining Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) numbers electronically and then using that number and the health care provider’s clinic information to obtain controlled substances under fake identities.  Many times the clinician is unaware that their DEA number has been stolen, and the culprits are able to obtain thousands of pills to sell on the street before a pharmacist becomes suspicious and alerts the provider (if ever).

Please be sure to register with the Illinois Prescription Monitoring System (IPMS) at:

By using this system you can look up all controlled substances that have been obtained under your name, and look up each person that has obtained controlled substances under your name to see how many prescriptions they have obtained, which drug(s) and from what provider.

We recommend that you check your controlled substances prescribing record on the IPMS regularly.

If you are called by a pharmacy about a suspicious prescription, or if you notice suspicious activity under your name, please report immediately to the local police where your practice is located. They will work with you to determine which police department will take the lead (depending on the pharmacy location). If you act quickly enough, there may still be video available of the person obtaining the prescription at the pharmacy. 

Quite often the police have an idea of who the perpetrators might be, but since they are using fake identities, unless the police can obtain video showing the person at the pharmacy obtaining the drug, they can’t bring charges. 

You should also report to the DEA as well.