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Jan. 13: Driving Booth Traffic & Preparing Your Staff: How to Attract & Interact With Dental Professionals in the Wake of the Pandemic

2 – 2:45 p.m. (Eastern)

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As dental professionals re-enter the live event space, there are likely to be significant changes in their attitudes and behaviors around exhibits. It will be more important than ever that exhibitors have a well-organized marketing plan to put visiting their exhibit in the mind and on the agenda of the right attendees. It will be equally important that your booth staff is prepared to engage and interact with people in what is likely to be a very different exhibiting environment than what you’ve experienced in the past. In this second strategic exhibitor educational session, Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge will walk you through exactly what you can do to get in the mind and on the agenda of enough of the dental professionals before the meeting doors open and will provide specific staff interaction techniques and skills based on his observations from attending several live trade shows over the last few months.

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Thrive Live: How to Safely & Successfully Re-enter the CDS Midwinter Meeting

With the pandemic shutting down live exhibitions for a year and a half, chances are your exhibiting strategies may be a little rusty and could use a tune-up. And as we re-open live events, health, safety and productivity are a top-of-mind issues every exhibitor must address. Now is the perfect time for exhibitors to re-evaluate, re-imagine and improve their exhibiting strategies with safety and improving productivity as top priorities.  In this strategic exhibitor educational session, 30+ year expo veteran and North America’s leading exhibiting productivity expert, Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge, will introduce you to his proven-effective Live Exhibit Marketing Process which will help you assess your current/previous level of execution and identify specific areas to focus on as you prepare for the re-opening of live expositions. The CDS team will also provide event updates and important information about health and safety for everyone attending the 2022 Midwinter Meeting.

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