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April 15

Treatment of Sleep Disorders: What do I Need to Know to make that work? 

Presented by Ken Berley, DDS, JD

Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM) is the fastest growing field in dentistry.

Unfortunately, there are numerous commercial companies that are promoting inappropriate techniques and unethical billing practices.

In this course, Dr. Berley stresses how to successfully and ethically integrate Dental Sleep Medicine into your practice. Practicing DSM is much more than taking impressions and a bite.

This course will outline a step by step to do list which will guide you toward a successful referral-based DSM practice. Attendees will:

  • be immersed in the terminology of sleep medicine
  • be comfortable in reading and understand sleep study reports
  • understand the ADA statement on the role of dentists in the treatment of sleep disordered breathing
  • understand how to successfully treat patients with OSA
  • understand the necessity of developing a referral-based practice and will be presented a step by step plan of how to accomplish this goal.

Sept. 23


Presented by Tim Caruso, PT, MBA, MS

Oct. 28


Presented by Karen Baker, RPh, MS