Registering for Courses

  • All-day programs (6 credit hours) will have 90-minute lunch breaks included.
  • All programs require a ticket.
  • There will be NO admission to courses beyond the halfway point in any course.
  • When registering online, you may not register for conflicting courses.

Free Courses “F”

Free courses are designated with a “F.” Many of the scientific programs offered at the Midwinter Meeting are included in the registration fee. Free courses are seated on first-come, first-served basis. Free courses are all ticketed, and if you wish to reserve your seat, register for the course and arrive with ticket prior to start time. Those who wish to attend these courses, but who do not wish to reserve a ticket through registration, need to obtain a ticket, if available, at the classroom door.

Charged Lectures “C”

Charged lectures are designated with a “C.” Ticketed paid lecture courses assure you a seat, as well as cutting-edge information on a particular subject.

Participation Workshops “P”

Participation workshops are designated with a "P." Participation workshops provide opportunity to handle and manipulate materials, equipment and instruments and to practice techniques under the supervision of an expert clinician.

Some workshops require the participant to bring instruments or materials from the office. Please check course descriptions carefully for such information.

Some participation workshops have a mandatory lecture as part of the presentation (these courses are marked with an "M"). When registering for the workshop "P" course, mandatory lecture seats "M" are automatically reserved. Please note day/time of the "M" course when registering for the workshop to avoid conflicts.

Mandatory lectures also have available seating for those who do not plan to attend the workshop. Register for the "M" course if you are planning to attend the lecture course only.

The Midwinter Meeting offers a variety of courses which include free lectures (F), charged lectures (C), participation workshops (P) and live patient demonstrations (LPD).