Midwinter Meeting Updates

Get to know Dr. Dino

Tell us a bit about yourself

I grew up in a typical Greek household in Homewood. After my father passed away when I was 13, my mother got a job at the original Aurelio’s Pizza, which is still my favorite. Going to dental school at Loyola University School of Dentistry, was a no-brainer since I knew I wanted to be a dentist since the age of 10. I started my career in 1986 in Villa Park and was there 20 years before my office was flooded and I was forced to relocate to a new office in Lombard.  I love being a dentist and helping my patients not only with their oral health but sharing in their lives as well. I love that it was MORE than just dentistry! I've been married to my wife Celeste for almost 30 years and worked together for 29 (not in the same room). We have two Maltese sons named Mickey and Buddy, who also come to work with us every day and we are blessed with nieces and nephews who continually fill our lives. I have a strong faith in God, which gets me through life, and I also value the relationships I have, now more than ever. Off hours, I enjoy old baseball card collections, G-scale trains, and watching reality TV with my wife. I like to make people laugh because life is rough enough!  

How did you develop your Midwinter Meeting theme Heart of Dentistry?

I wanted something that was personal and had meaning for everyone. The heart is the soul of your body. Our hands are led by the passion from within our hearts and managed by a higher power, which is how I came to the logo and the theme, Heart of Dentistry. In our personal and professional life, the one constant that makes each of us unique is what is inside of our hearts.

What should CDS members be focused on in 2021?

In 2021, I want to focus on rebuilding and reconnecting our personal and professional lives. We need to concentrate on what is important in life and find the inner passion that motivates us to move forward and grow.   It is imperative for the membership and dental students to know that,Tough times don't last, but tough people do. Through this time, together, our hearts WILL go on.

As a die-hard Cubbie fan, you must have been disappointed in their playoff run.

Sure, it was tough to be eliminated so early, particularly since they played so well most of the season, shortened as it was. But being a Cub fan has made me the eternal optimist. It has taught me to be more patient and understanding. It has also taught me never to give up and that miracles do happen!

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