Exhibitor Badge Policy

Each person attending the commercial exhibits is required to register and wear the official Midwinter Meeting badge at all times during the meeting. Companies may not deface the official badge or place a business card in front of the badge. By pre-registering your personnel online, you can avoid waiting in line to pick up badges on site. 

Exhibitor personnel Registration process

Exhibitor personnel registration begins Nov. 1 and is only available online. Prior to beginning your registration, make sure that you have your Chicago Dental Society five-digit password (which doubles as your CDS account number). This number appears on all invoices and mailing labels. 

Each exhibiting company is allowed up to six complimentary (free) badges per 10’ x 10’ exhibit space. This does not include any rented meeting/ conference rooms. Exhibitors have the option of having the badges held for on-site pickup or sent by mail. You will be required to enter a shipping address even if you elect to have your company’s badges held for pickup on site. Badges will be mailed beginning Jan. 19. 

International badges will not be mailed and will only be available on site during registration hours.

Exhibitors are allowed to change their mailing address from the default address listed on the exhibitor application one time only. Please be aware that if you choose to have the badges mailed to you, you are responsible for distributing the badges to your personnel and bringing the badges to the Midwinter Meeting. 

Exhibitors who have had their badges mailed to them but have not brought them to McCormick Place will incur a $10 per badge reprint fee. These fees are non-refundable. If badges are held for pickup on site, each person must individually retrieve his/her own badge and provide a valid photo ID. 

Booth personnel registration fees

If you are registering more than the complimentary number of badges your company has been allotted, the per person registration fees are: 

  • Tier 1 (Nov. 1 – 30): $45 
  • Tier 2 (Dec. 1 – 31): $55 
  • Tier 3 (January 1 – 31): $65 
  • Tier 4/On site (Feb. 1 – 24): $95 (Badges are not mailed and printed on site only) 
  • Reprints: $10 fee per badge

On-site payment options

Cash, check, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. No exceptions. Make checks payable to the Chicago Dental Society. 

Claiming registered badges at the Midwinter Meeting

Exhibitor badges are not transferable and must be worn by the person whose name is on the badge. Fake name badges are prohibited; any exhibitor badge perceived to have a fake name will not be printed or mailed. In order to claim a suspicious badge, the specific individual will need to prove his/her actual name by presenting a business card from their exhibiting company as well as a photo ID to Exhibitor Registration on site. 

Personnel changes for registered badges

Exhibitors may change the names on the badges at any point before Jan. 19 without incurring any penalty; the badges may be mailed or picked up onsite. 

If a name needs to be changed after Jan. 19 and the exhibiting company has elected to have the original badges mailed, then the badge must be returned to our registration company. Failure to do so may result in having to pay for badges if the exhibiting company has exceeded its allotted number of complimentary badges. 

Registering as an exhibitor on site

Each individual will need proper company credentials (i.e. a business card and photo ID) in order to receive an exhibitor badge. Personnel who do not have the proper credentials will not be allowed to register as an exhibitor. Exhibitors will not be charged any registration fees unless they exceed their complimentary number. No refunds will be given during or after the meeting. 

All members of an exhibit staff must be full-time employees of the exhibiting company or must be employed for the duration of the exhibit. A dentist who is a guest speaker, consultant, etc. may not register as an exhibitor unless he or she is an officer of the company or a full-time employee, not a practicing dentist. Consultants are not considered employees of the company. 


False certification of individuals as exhibitor representatives, misuse of exhibitor badges, or any other method or device used to assist unauthorized persons to gain admission to the exhibit floor may be subject to a fine of the applicable registration fee and/or expulsion of the exhibitor from the exhibition and barring him/her from further entrance to the floor without obligation on the part of CDS for refund of any fees. Upon the exercise of this authority by CDS, the exhibitor, his employees, and/or agents, waive any rights or claims for damages against the Chicago Dental Society arising out of the enforcement of the rules. 

Firms and representatives of firms not assigned exhibit space are prohibited from soliciting business of any form in the exhibition halls. Violators will be promptly ejected from the hall.