Exhibit Space Provisions

All exhibitors will be provided with 10’ x 10’ booth space and a sign of uniform style identifying the exhibitor’s name and booth number. CDS strongly recommends setting aside an area 12” wide at the back of the booth to remain unobstructed to allow electricians access to the electrical ports in the floor. The individual booth provided by CDS will consist of 8’ tall black and white back drape and 36” tall white side rail draperies. Exhibitors ordering other colors do so at their own expense. 

Clean Floor Policy

In order to ensure the timely opening of the Exhibit Hall, CDS has instituted a Clean Floor Policy. All empty containers must be removed and all exhibit properties must be set up by 4 p.m. Feb. 21. Exceptions must be communicated to CDS in writing prior to move in.

Exhibitors are required to provide floor coverings for all booths.

Exposed parts of any display must be finished so as not to be objectionable to CDS or other exhibitors. CDS shall, at the exhibitor’s expense, order the general contractor to provide masking drapery to cover any unfinished parts of the booth, as well as carpeting, if it has not been ordered. Sheets, table cloths, skirting or any similar materials are not permitted as floor covering. 


No signs, custom displays or equipment will be permitted to extend beyond the official booth height of 8’ unless the exhibitor occupies an island or peninsula space, in which case the ceiling height limit is 16’ in the center of the booth. In the case of an exhibitor who does not occupy an island or peninsula space, purely decorative material may extend to a maximum ceiling height of 12’ provided that it is – as determined by CDS – in good taste, in keeping with the general tone of the meeting, and does not interfere with or detract from adjoining exhibits. 

Height variances

Exhibitors who request a booth height variance must submit a completed Mandatory Approval Form. The deadline for the Mandatory Approval Form is Jan. 9. The form must include a written explanation of design and variance being requested and a scaled floor plan to include dimensions, clearly identifying the area in which the variance is being requested. No variance will be granted on site. Double-sided signs are only allowed to those exhibitors who have an island or peninsula booth configuration. 

Relocation of booth space

The relocation of booth space will only occur during the week prior to the first day of booth setup. Once the meeting opens, no booths will be relocated for any reason, unless it is deemed by CDS that the current space is impractical or impossible for the exhibitor to remain. 

Booth assignments for unsold or vacated space will not be made on site.

Hanging signs/materials

The exhibiting company must receive written approval from show management for all hanging signs/materials. The Mandatory Approval Form must be submitted for approval along with a rendering including dimensions of the hanging signs/materials. Photos will not be accepted. Hanging signs/materials will only be permitted for those exhibitors who have an Island or Peninsula Booth configuration in a size of 20’ x 20’ or larger. Hanging signs will not be allowed for Inline Booths. No exceptions. 

  • The top of any hanging sign/materials may not exceed 28’. 
  • Signs suspended over Peninsula Booths must be set back a minimum of 5’ from the back wall line of the booth.
  • No hanging sign/material may be hung lower than 20’ from the floor. 
  • If the exhibitor is hanging a truss, the truss must be contained within the confines of the exhibitor’s booth space and not protrude into any aisle space.

Hanging Sign Fees

A promotional fee of $100 per 10’ x 10’ rented booth space will be charged for all hanging signs/materials, etc. There is a $500 late fee for any application received after Jan. 9. 

Shipping Hanging Signs

All hanging materials must be sent to the Freeman warehouse as advanced freight. The hanging materials must be packaged independently of the booth materials. The sign must be received no later than Feb. 8. Failure to send the hanging materials as advanced freight to the Freeman warehouse will result in the hanging items not being hung. No exceptions. 

Ship hanging sign materials to: 

Chicago Dental Society 2018 Midwinter Meeting
Exhibiting Company Name
Exhibiting Company Booth Number
c/o Freeman
2500 W. 35th St. 
Chicago, IL 60632

On-site Exhibitor Services

Exhibitor Lounge

The Exhibitor Lounge will be located on Level 3, Hall F, beneath the Overlook Café. Complimentary coffee/tea and bakery goods will be provided each day from 7 – 10 a.m. Complimentary coffee/tea will continue until 4 p.m. on Thursday and Friday of the meeting and until 1 p.m. on Saturday. Please inform your sales staff that the Exhibitor Lounge is intended for exhibitors only. Do not schedule any meetings with any non-exhibitor; those individuals will be denied access. An Exhibitor badge is mandatory to gain entrance to the Exhibitor Lounge. Each afternoon, point-of-purchase food carts will be available with sandwiches, salads and beverages. 

Exhibit Manager/Exhibits Committee Office 

This office is located in the center of the Exhibit Hall, Hall F (under the Overlook Café, next to the Exhibitor Lounge).

Exhibitor Service Desk 

The Service Desk will be located on Level 2 (one level below the Exhibit Hall). 

Exhibit Hall security 

The security office will be located on the northwest side of the General Registration Area. 

Press Office

CDS operates a press office on Level 4, Room W474B, during the Midwinter Meeting. The press office is where members of the media register for badges and conduct business. Exhibitors who wish to display their press kits in this room may do so by making arrangements prior to the Midwinter Meeting­­­­­­ with Rachel Schafer, Manager of Communications.