Eligibility requirements

  • All exhibits submitted for display at the Midwinter Meeting are subject to review.
  • Exhibition is restricted to companies that are in good financial standing with CDS.
  • CDS is under no obligation to extend application privileges to any company regardless of whether or not said company has exhibited at past Midwinter Meetings.
  • All products and services exhibited must be germane to and effective and useful in the practice of dentistry.
  • CDS shall be the sole judge as to the acceptability of exhibits. 
    Products that fall under FDA guidelines must have FDA certification to exhibit. 
  • An exhibitor may not display any product or distribute advertisements for any product that infringes on the registered
  • trademark, copyright or patent of another company.
  • Exhibits must not be deceptive or misleading. 
  • Quality of life or leisure products such as blenders, cosmetics, face creams, flagpoles, fragrances, jewelry, ladders, luggage, massage chairs, vacuum cleaners and similar products – are not eligible to exhibit.
  • Comparative claims must be fair and, unless they are “puffery," must be substantiated adequately. Comparative claims may include the use
    of a competitor's name and the description of a comparable product or service, including price, if the comparison is made in a manner that is not false or misleading. Unwarranted disparagement or unfair
  • comparisons of a competitor’s products or services is not allowed.
  • Miscellaneous products and services not specified in these standards may be eligible to exhibit on a case-by-case basis.
  • All exhibitors are required to submit a completed official application when applying for Midwinter Meeting exhibit space.