Course/Speaker Disclaimer

Any and all statements or suggestions expressed or implied in any manner by an instructor or any other person(s) before, during, or after any educational meeting, seminar, or any other event, or any program held by or associated with the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting (MWM) is strictly the opinion of the instructor or other person(s) and not the opinion of the Chicago Dental Society or the MWM. The MWM does not recommend, endorse, oppose, or suggest the use or non-use of any particular product, modality, company, or course of conduct. Each attendee agrees that any conclusion reached or decision made by him or her during or after the Meeting is strictly that of the attendee and not at the direction, suggestion, or implication of the MWM, its employees, or agents.

Speakers are required to disclose to participants any financial, commercial or promotional interests in a product or company that may influence their presentation. However, CDS shall not be liable for a speaker’s failure to disclose such interest. Please be advised that courses, speakers or scheduling may change without notice.