Virtual Midwinter Meeting

Meeting Information

How do I register?

It couldn’t be easier! Go to www.cds.org and click on “Register Now!” and you’ll be taken to our Midwinter Meeting registration site where you’ll be asked to enter your CDS membership information, choose your courses or package and pay. You do not need to log in to the CDS website to register for the Midwinter Meeting. You can always revisit the registration site and purchase, add or change your lectures.  If you encounter any issues, call customer service at 630.241.1371.

What happens after I register?

If you are a CDS member, you can register for free. You do not need to log-in with your CDS credentials to register. Once you register, choose your classes and pay, either for the all-access package ($119 until Dec. 31; $129 after January) for both live and on-demand classes or choose the courses you need a la carte ($50 per class). If I register for a la carte courses, can I change my mind and purchase the all-access package instead? Yes! You have until Feb. 6 to change your mind and purchase the all-access package. You also have until Feb. 6 to swap lectures that were purchased a la carte.

What is the refund deadline?

Refunds must be requested by Feb. 6 through the registration site.

Who can answer my questions if I need help registering?

We are here to help! Call 888.696.2446 or email [email protected].

Can you explain the difference between live and on-demand classes?

The Midwinter Meeting will offer 118 classes from Feb. 25-27. There will be 99 live speakers and 19 pre-recorded courses during the live meeting. Speakers will conduct their lectures in-person and be available to take attendees’ questions at the end; lecturers for the pre-recorded courses will be available live at the end of the class to accept questions. Classes are 1.5 hour long and offer 1.5 CE credit. The on-demand classes will be recordings of the lectures from the live meeting. They will be posted beginning March 1 and be available 24/7 through March 15 to attendees who purchase the all-access package. Most speakers have agreed to answer questions that are emailed to them during the on-demand meeting. These recorded classes also carry 1.5 CE credits.

Are there free classes at the Midwinter Meeting?

There are no free classes for the 2021 meeting.

How long will classes be available on demand?

With the purchase of the all-access package, on-demand classes will be available from the Day 1 courses on March 1, (March 2 for Day 2 courses and March 3 for Day 3 courses) and 24/7 access will continue through March 15.

What percentage of the classes are live?

All 118 classes scheduled Feb. 25 – 27 are unique (no repeats), and Illinois is allowing CE to be completed online either live or pre-recorded in 2021. Check your state’s licensing board to see your requirements. Will there be a live person moderating each class?

Yes, each class during the live meeting will have a moderator who introduces the speaker and announces the CE code.

Will there be an IT person available Feb. 25 – 27?

Yes. The Help tool will be available during the meeting to provide technical support and answer questions in real time. CDS also will include on the platform an online tutorial and an FAQ to address commonly asked questions.

Will I get a reminder about my classes?

You will be able to see all the classes you registered for in “My Profile.” If you choose to download the Midwinter Meeting app, it too will provide your daily schedule.

When does the app go live?

CDS will inform registrants via email or text when the mobile app is available for download. 

How will I get my badge?

As a virtual meeting, there are no badges. Will I be able to network with colleagues, friends?

This platform feature is still in development, but what we know is that the Networking tile will have live video chat, limited to 75 attendees in each chat room.

Is there still going to be a New Dentist area chat/live zoom during the meeting? The New Dentist Chat Room will have a scheduled slot in the networking tile where a maximum 75 video chat attendees can be present. These video chat rooms are limited to 75 attendees for a maximum of 1 hour.

What are you providing other than classes and exhibitors?

The Midwinter Meeting will also provide networking opportunities, a Job Board to connect those looking for jobs/hires, the ability to sign up for a health screening through BlueApple Health and the ability to donate to the American Heart Association and CDS Foundation. Additionally, the meeting will have a Corporate Learning Theater, New Product Demonstrations, social media opportunities and games.

CE information

How many CE credits can I receive at the Midwinter Meeting?

Attendees can receive up to 13.5 CE for lectures during the live meeting, plus 1 CE credit per day for visiting exhibits. During the on-demand portion of the meeting with the all-access package, you can take as many classes as you wish for 1.5 CE credit each for the two weeks they are available.

How much CE will I receive for visiting with exhibitors?

You will receive 1 CE credit each day of the live meeting, Feb. 25 – 27.

Live vs. recorded CE: What are the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation rules? IDFPR has temporarily changed its guidance to allow licensure renewal for dentists and dental hygienists to be completed either live OR on-demand (pre-recorded) by approved CE sponsors. This emergency rule change applies to the Illinois license renewal deadline of September 2021. All 48 hours of required CE for dentists and 36 hours for hygienists can be completed online either live or through pre-recorded video. What are the requirements to receive CE for a lecture?

There is an expectation that attendees must be logged into a class for 75 minutes to receive CE.

How do I get credit for CE after the meeting?

Whether you use the virtual platform CE Verification tile, the mobile app or this web site, you can use your 2021 Midwinter Meeting registration (8-digit) sequence number to access CE verification for the meeting. You will need the 4-digit lecture code and you must answer the speaker and lecture survey questions for each session attended.  CE verification certificates are free through May 31, 2021. After May 31, a $30 fee is assessed.

Does my staff/associates get CE for watching with me?

Not necessarily. If your associates/staff members have registered and paid for their courses, they will have to log in with their registration information so their attendance can be tracked for CE credit. Staff attendees must have purchased the lecture package or a la carte lecture to get credit. You may all be together to watch a course, however!


Can I contact the speaker if the course is pre-recorded?

Possibly. At their own discretion, speakers may provide their email address to accept questions from viewers of the on-demand courses. All speakers will be available for Q/A after their course whether it is presented live or pre-recorded during the live meeting Feb. 25 – 27.

Where do I find speaker handouts?

Speaker handouts will be available on the CDS website, the Midwinter Meeting app and through the virtual meeting platform. How do I receive and use my rebate coupon?

Current CDS member dentists who preregister in November ($100 value), December ($35 value) or January ($25 value) will be eligible for the Rebate Program. Make a purchase during the live meeting from one of our virtual exhibitors between Feb. 25 – 27.  Submit verification of purchase as directed (still under development) and CDS will send you a check up to the value of your rebate after the close of the full meeting. Be sure to make a purchase for at least the total value of your rebate to enjoy its full value. What is unique about the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting?

With our live and on-demand access to courses, the Midwinter Meeting is uniquely developed to allow your entire team to attend and receive CE. Teams can watch courses together to maximize what they learn! Each team member should register and log in separately in order to receive their CE.

During this pandemic, dentists more than ever need to broaden their knowledge of issues, topics and techniques to stay ahead. Unlike other meetings, the CDS Midwinter Meeting provides 118 live courses – with 67 different speakers who are leaders in their clinical specialties and management expertise. Through the Midwinter Meeting you have access to robust, engaging courses, an extensive lineup of dental product exhibitors and products, a Job Board to pursue employment opportunities and ways to connect with other attendees. The CDS Midwinter Meeting, the Respected Leader in Scientific Dental Meetings, wants to help you become a better dentist.

Expect to see your favorite exhibitors! Check the website at cds.org to see the full list of exhibitors. New names are being added regularly.

The Midwinter Meeting will also provide networking opportunities, a Job Board to connect those looking for jobs/hires, the ability to sign up for a health screening through BlueApple Health and the ability to donate to the American Heart Association and CDS Foundation. Additionally, the meeting will have the Corporate Learning Theater, New Product Demonstrations, social media opportunities and games.