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Stop the Insanity By Doing Things Differently


CDS Regional Meeting webinar

  • 9 – 11 a.m. (Central Time)
  • Zoom meeting
  • 2 credit hours

Roy Shelburne, DDS, will speak on Stop the Insanity By Doing Things Differently: Making Your Best Better to share the principals of quality improvement and to empower the dental team to adopt and implement these principals. Quality improvement principals work very efficiently and effectively to improve the systems of operation and reduce risk when adopted in the dental environment as well.

Course objectives

  • To understand the principals of quality improvement.
  • To appreciate that the implementation of quality improvement systems will improve patient outcomes, increase revenue, and reduce stress in the dental environment.
  • To be able to implement the principals of quality improvement into the everyday practice of dentistry.

Speaker biography

Roy Shelburne, DDS, is a 1981 Honor Graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Dentistry. A speaker, consultant and writer, Roy now specializes in recordkeeping and business systems that protect dentists from legal problems.