• BOARD CERTIFIED PEDIATRIC DENTIST: Nineteen years experience, moving to Illinois. Sincerely, Allen Pearson, board certified pediatric dentist. 817.919.5932, wyliekidsdds.com.
  • ENDODONTICS IN YOUR OFFICE: An experienced general dentist with over 5,000 treated root canals will perform endodontics in your office. By keeping patients in your office you can more easily perform follow up treatments and increase your revenue stream. Dr. Baran’s relaxed and calming demeanor will put your patients at ease. Contact Ron Baran DDS, MBA, MA www.drronbaran.com, 847.962.3347, mesialbuccal@gmail.com.
  • KEEP IMPLANTS, SURGERIES AND SEDATION IN-OFFICE: General dentist available to come to your office with all equipment needed to place implants, IV-sedation and extractions. $1,000 implants or wisdoms. $500 IV-sedation or extraction/bone-graft. dentalimplantsdds@gmail.com.
  • GENERAL DENTIST AVAILABLE to place implants/ remove impacted 3rds at your office. Saturday ideal. Half-day per month. Place and/or restore. Hybrids cases, too. Impacted 3rds. Can bring implants plus materials. generaldentistdds@gmail.com.