• Commercial Mailing Labels


    Please note: Label requests made after Jan. 31 will not be processed in time for 2015 Midwinter Meeting promotions.

    MEMBERSHIP & midwinter Meeting attendee CATEGORIES

    All addresses included in these mailing lists are from dentists who have not opted out of commercial mailings; we do not include those who have opted out. Number of addresses is subject to change.

    • Midwinter Meeting Dentists (previous year's international and domestic attendees)
    • CDS Domestic Dentists
    • CDS Illinois Dentists
    • CDS Non-Illinois Dentists (USA)
    • CDS International Dentists


    We provide you with the dentists' names and mailing addresses only. Lists do not not include phone or fax numbers or email addresses.

    • Electronic file: Comma-Separated Value (CSV) or Excel
    • Paper document: Alphabetical list of dentists with office addresses (By special request only; email Nathan Pease for more details.)


    • Set-up fee: $200 (non-refundable) 
    • Price: $80 per 1,000 names (Price rounds up to the nearest 1,000 names).


    • Proccessing your request takes 7 - 10 business days.
    • You must explain the purpose of your request and attach a sample of the mailer, such as postcard or flier, you will use for your request to be approved.
    • You will not receive the mailing list requested until CDS approves your mailer.
    • Lists will not be sold to any company promoting a program that conflicts with the dates of the Midwinter Meeting.
    • Only non-dentists may purchase mailing lists.
    • Lists are for one-time only use.
    • List may not be shared with any other party.


    Payment in full must be made at the time of your request. CDS accepts Visa, Mastercard or American Express only for online payment.

    To pay by check or money order, please download and complete the Commercial Mailing Request PDF form.


    Email Nathan Pease, or call 312.836.7315.

    Mailing Label Request Form
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