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Permanent link  CDS seeks local members for Windy City Lecture series at 2015 Midwinter Meeting


Have you found a better way to treat tough cases? Have you developed a new technique you want to share with colleagues? Do you want to share your insight with others?

CDS seeks members to present brief lectures for the Windy City Lecture Series during the 150th Midwinter Meeting, Feb. 26-28, 2015.

Presentations should be 50 minutes long and may cover a wide variety of subjects.

The Windy City Lecture Series is scheduled to be presented Friday and Saturday, during the 2015 Midwinter Meeting.

CDS members who wish to present a Windy City Lecture should submit an outline of their presentation along with their CV.


Chicago Dental Society
Al Kleszynski, DDS, Director of Scientific Programs
401 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 200
Chicago, IL 60611-5585
Fax 312.836.7329 or email Dr. Kleszynski.


Permanent link  CDS Foundation seeks nominations for Vision Award


The Chicago Dental Society Foundation, the philanthropic and charitable arm of the Chicago Dental Society, is now accepting grant applications from local applicants that address access to dental care in and around the Chicago area.  Grants are limited to bona fide charitable 501(c)(3) organizations.

The CDS Foundation distributed more than $89,000 in 2012, to 14 organizations including The Ark, The Children’s Clinic at the Oak Park River Forest Infant Welfare Society, the Racing industry Charitable Foundation, and the St. Bernard Hospital Dental Center.

“It is our pleasure to be able to provide funds for these worthy programs because of the exceptional ways in which they extend the reach of the CDS Foundation further into our community,” said CDS Foundation chair Milly Goldstein. “These funds allow us to make a difference in the lives of so many. Each dollar provided educates a person about the importance of oral health. Once educated, that individual will bring that knowledge to his or her family and friends.

“We wish more funding was available to help these programs to the fullest — reaching all who need assistance — and that we could fill each and every request.”

Grant applications are due June 1, 2013. More information and applications are available at

“Our Grants Committee is eager to learn again this year about the creative ways that local professionals are addressing access to care in their communities and to support those efforts. I encourage everyone to apply, and to contact us if you have questions,” said CDS Foundation Executive Director Carolyn Van Eck.



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Permanent link  Dr. Schubert brings hope to Haiti


What started as a typical college course for his daughter inspired a labor of love in West Suburban Branch member David Schubert. His family’s interest in helping the residents of Baudin, Haiti, in 1996 has grown into a year-round effort to provide dental and medical services to the remote mountain community today.

Dr. Schubert’s oldest daughter, Vicky Krick, first learned about the Haitian culture through her coursework at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI. She spent a semester break in Baudin, refurbishing a school and teaching. The stories and emotions that Ms. Krick shared upon her return prompted Dr. Schubert to volunteer, too. He soon found himself on a plane to Haiti.

That first year, Dr. Schubert and other volunteers provided dental services out of a tiny, ill-equipped dispensary at a church. Volunteers used an old birthing chair, flashlights and a lot of gauze, as Baudin does not have electricity or running water.

Dr. Schubert said recently that he found need, faith and gratitude among his Haitian patients, and on the volunteers’ final day there the line of residents waiting to be seen was still 50 deep. He resolved to return.

Dr. Schubert enlisted his wife, Laura (a dental assistant), and brother Robert (a Joliet physician) so that future volunteer groups might offer medical care beyond dentistry.

Mrs. Schubert learned to speak Creole, which has been very helpful in communicating with the patients, maintaining relationships and understanding the local culture.

Ms. Krick continues her involvement with the Haitian community, too, through annual mission trips and a church-sponsored food program which ensures the secondary students get one healthy meal daily. 

In 2005 Dr. Schubert built a small dental clinic in Baudin. The facility has five dental chairs, a generator, compressor, autoclave, X-ray, and other equipment to do light cured composite and amalgam fillings and a comprehensive set-up for oral surgery. 

Dr. Schubert typically makes three trips to Haiti a year, accompanied by up to seven volunteers. An average trip is eight days and incorporates five clinic days, during which approximately 110 fillings, 35 cleanings and 400 extractions will be performed by two dentists, one hygienist and three other volunteers.

For more information about these trips or to make a donation, visit or find them on Facebook.





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Permanent link  Our congratulations to the Odontographs


The Chicago Dental Society congratulates three new members of the Odontographic Society of Chicago: Mark Humenik, of Northbrook; Carole Landman, of Chicago; and Cheryl Watson-Lowry, of Chicago. These doctors were inducted Monday, April 1.

The featured speaker at the Odontographic Society meeting that night was 14th Ward Alderman Ed Burke, who discussed his passion for local history and shared with the audience stories of the two mayors who were assassinated: Carter Harrison Sr. in 1893 and Anton Cermak in 1933. 


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