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Minutes from Recent Regional Meetings

Minutes from the Nov. 2, 2016, Regional Meeting

Minutes from the April 13, 2016, Regional Meeting

Minutes from the Oct. 28, 2015, Regional Meeting

Handouts from Past Regional Meetings

Oct. 28, 2015: Teach Me How to OSHA! by Dr. David Resch

Sept. 16, 2015: Dental Implant Aesthetic Zone Complications by Dr. Aldo Leopardi

April 15, 2015: Sleep Apnea by Dr. B. Gail Demko

Nov. 13, 2013: Ten Steps to Grow Your Practice by Dr. William Blatchford

April 24, 2013: The Cohesive Team: Developing a Confident Team to Manage Daily Challenges by Suzanne Bozwell

Jan. 9, 2013: The Problems with Tooth Whitening by Dr. Martin Zase