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Permanent link  Patients are thankful for care at the 2012 Mission of Mercy


Enjoy this feedback from a few patients seen Friday at the 2012 Illinois Mission of Mercy.


“My friend told me about this opportunity. I’m missing some teeth and I need a partial. I can go to the County, but they don’t do partials and everything costs money. I have $18 in my checking account. I don’t know what all they’re offering here, but I’m here to go with the flow.

I’m so grateful. This is a blessing.”

-Ellen, of Wauconda, who celebrated her 63rd birthday the day before she attended the Mission of Mercy 


“I live in a senior building in Antioch and they were handing out flyers for this event. I came to get my eyes checked. Five years ago I paid $600 for these glasses, but I can’t do that now; I’m on a fixed income. They sent me here to get my teeth taken care of, too.

“This is fabulous. It’s fantastic. I can’t believe it. I’m calling my daughter to come, too, because I just can’t get over it.”

-Mary, age 80, of Antioch 


“We got excellent care, and were treated with respect and dignity. My hygienist from the College of Lake County told me about this, and when I saw her here today I gave her a big hug.”

-Cheri, of Grayslake, who got two fillings and a vision exam at the Mission of Mercy. She and her husband brought their friend Sherrie, from Chicago. 


“The people here are all phenomenal. I took the day off of work, and came up on the train. I spent the night at my friend’s house. We got up at 4:30 a.m. and left at 6 a.m. to get here.”

-Sherrie, of Chicago, who had two extractions and received a partial before heading off to have her eyes examined. 




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