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Helping patients understand — and follow through on — hygiene instruction can be challenging. But Midwinter Meeting lecturer and hygienist Trisha O’Hehir has several ideas to increase the chances of your success.

“To understand bacterial biofilm, I use cartoons and suggest using the tongue to feel the fuzzy bacteria on the teeth before numbing the tongue with toothpaste,” said Ms. O’Hehir, describing her book, The Toothpaste Secret.

“Repeat the sound bites several times within each visit,” she said. “Some science-based sound bites with preventive messages are ‘skip brushing and start cleaning in between,’  ‘dry brush inside first’ and ‘strive for five xylitol exposures each day.’”

Ms. O’Hehir shared her book with the Daily Review so that Midwinter Meeting attendees and their patients might benefit from her suggestions. We hope you enjoy this sample.

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