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Permanent link  FRAUD ALERT! Fake ADA invoices being faxed to dental offices



The Chicago Dental Society has recently learned about fraudulent dues invoices currently being circulated to dentists nationwide. We encourage you to review the following information with your office staff to protect your practice from predators.

Here are a few ways to sniff out a questionable invoice:

Examine the source of the invoice

Slight differences in the name of the billing organization are an easy way to identify a fraud. Your real dues invoice will come from the American Dental Association, the Illinois State Dental Society or the Chicago Dental Society (depending on your membership class). The ADA and CDS are based in Chicago, while ISDS is based in Springfield. Each association processes your membership applications in its headquarters. 

View a PDF sample of the ISDS dues statement.

Look at the amount due

In 2012, regular membership fees are as follows:

  • ADA: $512
  • ISDS: $340
  • CDS: $125

Find totals for other membership classes online here.

If you’re not sure, ask us

A legitimate organization lists its phone number and web address on the invoice for ease of use. Local members can contact CDS, ISDS or the ADA to confirm that what you’ve received is for real.