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Last night, CBS 2 Chicago’s investigative reporter Dave Savini ran a segment on how dentists purportedly are over-treating their patients to make up for lost income in this tough economy. The basis for this claim was two patients who had complaints against their dentists, along with commentary from another dentist who said that he has personally noticed a surge in this unethical behavior.

The Chicago Dental Society, an association of 4,000 dentists in the metro Chicago area, considers this segment weak journalism. To stretch two people's negative experiences--without any supporting research--into a condemnation of an entire profession that is in fact dedicated to improving people’s health is sensationalism. The only takeaway message that CDS agrees with from this piece is that patients should seek a second opinion about treatment if they have concerns.

CDS encourages patients to find a dentist they are comfortable with and establish a trusting relationship. There are many personalities in the dental profession—patients should seek one that is match for their needs. A strong dentist-patient relationship is vital to maintaining good oral health.

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