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A lot of professionals have a hard enough time staying on top of industry happenings, reading the newspaper, and keeping an eye on the latest business and economic news; much less have the time and eyeball energy left to check out these "blogs" everyone is talking about. But there are ways you can efficiently read all of this and more.

I use Google Reader, which reads RSS feeds. An RSS feed is like a subscription to the content of a website - there are RSS feeds to trade publications, newspapers, magazines, and blogs (like this one). When you sign up for Google Reader, you can choose which sites to 'subscribe' to (for free of course - this is the internet), and the Reader will show you the content piece by piece, all in one website. No more remembering and typing URLs, clicking around the newspaper website to find what you want, or forgetting to check on a business or story you've been following. Just take a break here and there to read your RSS items.

Once you get started, whenever you find a website or blog you want to make sure to read, just click on the RSS symbol or the word "RSS" on that site, and your browser will know to add that site's feed to your Google Reader.

This video explains it all really well.

But what blogs should you be reading? Well, in addition to In The Dentist's Chair, there are a whole lot of great things to subscribe to. Here are some feeds you might want to get:

  • You'll see the link to In The Dentist's Chair's RSS feed on the right side of the page. Other dental resources on the web include; Going Dental; and Flap's Dentistry Blog.
  • All area newspapers have RSS feeds not only to news articles, but you can also choose to just subscribe to your favorite subject or columnist (or sports team). Here are pages of RSS feeds for Chicago papers: Chicago Tribune; Chicago Sun-Times; Crain's Chicago Business.
  • The blog at has a lot of news for people who run their own practice to keep an eye on.
  • Lifehacker is a blog of tips and tools to help you work more efficiently - for example, this post about saving desk space.
  • Cute Overload is a blog with a very accurate title. An occasional baby bunny picture sure does smooth out the day:

See? So go out there and read some feeds! Let us know about your experience in the comments...


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