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Recently a reporter asked for dentist-to-dentist tips for getting the most of the Midwinter Meeting. Among the responses I received was this list from Dr. Susan Becker Doroshow, a CDS board member and general dentist in Skokie, who has come up with a highly organized plan of attack for hitting the exhibit floor and networking at the meeting.

Exhibit floor
  1. Organize your flyers/contest entries/special offer sheets in order by booth number; tote to meeting in large envelope with booth numbers and exhibitor names listed on outside.
  2. Bring a bunch of address labels to meeting - tuck into your badge holder for speedy access to use on order forms, etc.
  3. Business cards--obvious, but easily forgotten.
  4. "Team up" with a buddy--especially a good strategy on major purchases, or if one of you is a "tire kicker" and the other is a serious buyer. A very efficient use of everyone's time, and you'll learn more than you would working the floor alone.
  5. Be discriminating about samples and literature. Remember, you'll have to carry that stuff home and file (or toss) it once you get back to the office!

On the lecture side
  1. Get there early! Everything will take longer than you planned--traffic, parking, getting a Starbucks coffee, finding your lecture room.
  2. Print the handouts ahead of time! Print two sets--trade one for a coffee or just be a buddy to a stranger, make a new friend at the meeting!
  3. No ticket for a "free" course that's "sold out"? Show up early enough and you're likely to get the seat of a ticket holder who didn't read #1 above!

What are you best strategies for getting the most of the Midwinter Meeting?


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