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The Midwinter Meeting is going green in 2009. What does this mean for you? Make sure to print out handouts for courses in advance of the meeting as there will be no handouts available on site.


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Interesting comment. I guess I don't agree that because this is cost-effective, it can't also be environmentally responsible.<BR/><BR/>In truth, probably every conference I've gone to in the last year or so has moved to posting presentation notes online rather than handing them out. I personally prefer it because I'd rather have an electronic file that can be saved to my computer (and thus indexed and easily searchable) than drag home a ream of paper to file in my office after a conference.

Posted by: Keri Kramer ( on 05/16/2011

The idea of this being "green" as opposed to a chance to cut costs is pretty laughable.<BR/><BR/>You're not alone in doing it, so I can't fault just you.

Posted by: Anonymous ( on 05/16/2011