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The Chicago Dental Society's annual survey asked dentists about annoying patients and the wacko stuff they do in the chair. Here are the top five:

5) Making out. Apparently some folks like to test their fluoride treatment and teeth cleaning right away on their boo. Gross.

4) Playing video games. Ever get knocked upside the head during an exam because a patient needs to beat one more level of Tetris?

3) Reading a book or magazine while the dentist is trying to perform an exam. Do you have patients who are just too riveted about what's going on with Brad and Angelina to put that magazine down for a checkup?

2) Grooming. Some dentists reported patients using that light above the dental chair to help touch up makeup or even give the eyebrows a pluck.

And the most annoying thing patients do while in the dentists' chair?

Answering their cell phone!

What patient behaviors annoy you?


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