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Joining the pile-on, the Chicago Tribune covers allegations by Chicago business owners against online review site Yelp.

An excerpt from today's article:

The owner of More Cupcakes, Patty Rothman, said that last fall a Yelp Chicago staffer walked into her Gold Coast shop and "guaranteed us good reviews on the site if we catered one of their parties for free." Offended but resigned, Rothman complied. And just as promised, positive reviews bloomed for the business right after the party, Rothman said.

Says one commenter on the Tribune's site:

I've kind of suspected this myself, based on negative Yelp reviews I've seen that mysteriously disappear weeks later.

I'm done with Yelp. If reviews aren't unbiased, they're worthless.

We've covered the brouhaha about Yelp before. Thoughts?

Photo credit: Mark Saltz, The Advocate, Baton Rouge, LA



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That's terrible and that is the problem with online reviews - you don't know who is posting the review even the good ones. But it only takes one bad one to hurt you and it could just be a disgruntled employee or patient who did not want to pay their bill after services. But really what can we do?!

Posted by: Anonymous ( on 05/16/2011