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Permanent link  ADA launches new Web site on evidence based dentistry


From the ADA:

The Evidence-Based Dentistry Web site is a new site by dentists for dentists and their patients. It gives you access to the most current, clinically relevant information from one centralized location.

Key features include:

  • Database of systematic reviews-currently over 1,300 reviews, which will update quarterly
  • Critical summaries of systematic reviews-one-page synopses of key elements of a systematic review with clinical implications written by practicing dentists trained in critical assessment of published systematic reviews
  • Clinical recommendations-Useful tools that can be applied in making evidence-based clinical treatment decisions
  • Links to evidence-based dentistry resources-Links to outside resources including tutorials, glossaries and databases
Please keep in mind that this launch is an introductory stage and we appreciate your feedback and patience as we establish this unique resource to its fullest potential.


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