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Permanent link  ADA tests dental crowns, finds them safe


From the ADA press release:

"Based on all the information to date, both from our own testing as well as reports of other analyses, we are confident that no measurable levels of lead are released from dental crowns made from dental porcelain typical of available sources," explains Clifton Carey, Ph.D., administrative director, PRC.

He added, "Moreover, we intentionally added lead to a separate sample of dental crowns and found that even up to 500 ppm of lead levels, no measurable amount was released. This was a much higher total concentration than any laboratory-fabricated crown tested."

Questions were raised in February 2008 about lead in dental restoratives such as crowns and bridges when an Ohio woman speculated in a news report that the problems she experienced with her bridge might be because of its manufacture at a dental laboratory in China. At a time when other products from China were under scrutiny, the local news station investigated the issue and sent the bridge to a local laboratory for lead testing. The station then had several dental crowns manufactured in China tested, and one crown reportedly tested positive for lead. At the time however, no accepted standardized method existed to measure lead content of dental materials such as porcelain, or whether lead is released from dental crowns in the mouth.


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